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Heed These Fashion Tips

Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer



Photo Courtesy: Los Angeles Times/MCT
Photo Courtesy: Los Angeles Times/MCT

This week, every fashionista that picks up a copy of The Springfield Student and makes the executive decision to read my column will be changed forever.

What you’re about to read is a well thought-out list of fashion tips and secrets that every girl simply needs to know. So get ready, because here we go.

First, to remove deodorant stains from fabric, gently rub the fabric on the protective foam used on hangers. The white deodorant marks will come right out.

Next, if you have a really small closet, never keep your shoes in shoeboxes. Simply line them up on the floor next to each other.

The next need-to-know tip that I bet you didn’t know is that heat warps glasses. So on a hot day, keep them in a hard glasses case and do not wear them on your head.

Have liquid makeup on your shirt? Put some shaving cream on a washcloth and rub the stain away.

After a hard workout at the gym, leave sneakers overnight with two or three tablespoons of baking soda in them. The baking soda will eat the sweat and kill the odor. This particular tip is one of my personal favorites.

The next tip is fantastic because it is something every girl in the world deals with. Have you ever just wanted to use the super foggy mirror after the shower? Well, now you can! Just grab your hair dryer, attack that mirror and watch the fog disappear.

This next tip is for anyone that struggles with back acne. Two words: lemon juice. Take a fresh lemon, cut it up and squeeze the juice onto your skin. The best time to do this is before bed when you just got out of the shower. Lie on your belly and have your sister or roomie squeeze the lemon on your back. Then lie there and let the juice from the lemon dry. It stings and itches very badly, but the acid actually eats the pimples and the irritation marks. It is incredible.

The last little tip is for the impulse buyer. A lot of girls in college feel the need to shop constantly with money that they do not have. Therefore, when shopping, you should sleep on the items you see before buying them. If you wake up and still feel like you need that item of clothing, then go buy it. You’ll be surprised how much money this will save you!

Now you all know my secrets, so go out and use them at your own risk!

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