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Hitting the Waves Instead of the Books: Surfs Up for the Springfield College Outing Club

Brandon Eckles
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Drew Broffman.
Photo courtesy of Drew Broffman.

On a typical Sunday afternoon, most students are gearing up for yet another week’s worth of work. The Outing Club, however, took a trip to the beach. On Nov. 1, 16 club members filled two vans and took off for Narragansett, Rhode Island for a few hours of serenity.

This surfing trip to Narragansett Beach last weekend, was one of the many recreational trips that the Outing Club organizes during the year.

“We are a recreational club. We have a very small, committed member base, but we have a lot of members that are interested in the club.” said sophomore Drew Broffman, who is an E-Board member of the club.

The Outing Club lines up 10 potential trips for the year and they choose five based off member votes. Their mission is “to allow others to experience the amazing parts of the outdoors that people don’t always get while stuck on a college campus or in a city,” as Broffman explained. The surfing trip offered exactly that for this group.

The two-hour drive down to The Ocean State started with some skepticism because of inclement weather, but when the group stepped foot on the sand the weather was fantastic, as were the waves.

Broffman explained that the club members range widely in experience, but experience doesn’t matter because the goal of the trips is to have fun. All this fun comes with a price and the Outing Club knows that, and they also know that money is not in abundance for most college students.

So, Broffman and the club only charge their members a flat rate of $20 for each trip. Surfing in the Narragansett Bay for $20 is quite the steal, when normally renting a board, wetsuit, and possible lessons is much more expensive. Prices don’t seem to matter to this group of eager explorers; it is more about a fulfilling, relaxing experience.

The Outing Club gives students an opportunity to relieve stress with activities like this surfing trip. Experiencing nature is something that is so organic and raw that it can put your mind at ease in the midst of tests, midterms, and papers – that is what some students need.

For Broffman, he cannot take staying on campus 24/7, so trips to Narragansett Beach are amazing because he loves outdoors and he describes it as an “escape from reality.” He encourages anyone to come on a trip with the Outing Club because you find your own “oasis.”

The Outing Club is an up and coming organization on this campus for reasons like Sunday. For example, how often do people get to surf in November? Broffman described the reaction from fellow members as “contagious” because everyone was “positive, full of energy, and excited.” This club offers a change of pace for students looking to experience the natural world and worry about the wave ahead, rather than the week ahead.

This club is special for this campus because it brings people together for a variety of things. If it is something outdoors, the Outing Club will do it. Anything from hiking Mt. Tom to surfing in Narragansett Bay, this club finds a way to make you procrastinate a little longer, and you won’t regret it.


  1. I surfed that beach break for eight years. Got to get out there early with the offshore wind otherwise it closes out. The beach is terribly erroded. Matunuck is a better break and only minutes from the pier. Wish I had known you were going I would have tagged along. I could give the club a tour of secret spots in RI. I’ll join you next year. I’ve got three boards that I can donate to the trip. -Professor Harold (VAPA)

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