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How Iron Sports helped Alec Noé realize his coaching passion

Brady Cote

In an athlete’s life, there is always an influential figure that stands beside them as they grow and develop. Whether it be a coach, trainer, or teacher, that individual is there to make their athlete better. This individual solely focuses on their athlete and intends to make them the best that they can be. 

Alec Noé – sophomore on campus and president of Iron Sports – has the same goal for his athletes within the club.

Iron Sports is a club where everyone has the same goal in sight. Those who join want to learn how to grow stronger, both mentally and physically. 

In a normal week, Noé has a set up for these athletes consisting of the team warming up in the field house, followed up by lifting twice a week in the varsity weight room.

As the current president and leader of the Springfield College Iron Sports club, Noé’s main purpose is to help those who join the club improve their overall fitness. 

“Everyone that is there is already great at what they do, and I’m just helping them get a little bit further.”

Noé expressed how he differed from most kids when it came to watching sports at a young age.

“Ever since I was a kid I was always much more interested in the managers. When I watched soccer, I loved the managers and the coaches much more than the players and just resonated with them a lot.”

Growing up, Noé’s influential figure was one of his coaches who ultimately planted the idea in his mind that he would one day be able to have a job regarding strength and conditioning.

“I built a really great relationship with him, and that whole mentor, mentee relationship was a huge reason for me basically going down the career path that I’m in now of strength and conditioning.”

Although Noé admits that the fire that he once had for competing is now extinguished, a new flame has been lit: a passion for coaching.

Noé created a fitness page on Instagram under @alecnoestrength. His page is not one that is meant to display his journey, or how far he’s come since the start. 

“My page isn’t really about my own personal journey as an athlete, it’s more about coaching at this point.”

For Noé, it is not about the publicity. He wants to go down his own path while being able to display his coaching abilities.

“I don’t care about how many followers I have, I would much rather be original and less known versus less original and much more known.”

Noé has always known that he much rather preferred the lifting and conditioning aspect of sports. He expressed how weightlifting has had a lasting impact on him as a person. 

“Weightlifting is a part of my identity and the fiber of who I am.”

Noé wants to be the individual that stands beside his athletes and watches them grow stronger. He knows that it is no longer about him in the weight room, it is about the athletes that he coaches and leads in Iron Sports. 

Being a leader is an important role in anyone’s life. Without a mentor, teacher, or coach, how would athletes advance mentally and physically with no guidance? Athletes need these individuals in order to grow and flourish into the best version of themselves. 

Photo: Alec Noé

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