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Humanics in Action Club to host Kindness Campaign in March

By Carley Crain

Throughout the month of March, the Humanics in Action Club is hosting their annual Kindness Campaign which will include free daily kindness challenges, as well as in-person service events. 

 The Kindness Campaign started in collaboration with the Rachel’s Challenge Club, which encourages others to dream big, choose positive influences, speak with kindness, and start their own chain reaction. 

 The Kindness Campaign was inspired by Rachel Joy Scott, who was the first person killed in the Columbine shooting. Her peers remembered her as always being kind, and the impact her simple acts of kindness had on their lives. 

 Her idea for a chain reaction of kindness sparked the idea for the Kindness campaign at Springfield College and goes hand-in-hand with the Humanics philosophy.

 The Kindness Campaign is an event that the Humanics in Action club wants to change into a monthly tradition on campus, rather than just a week-long event. This year is the first time the Kindness Campaign is month-long, instead of a week. 

 With most activities being virtual these days, the club came up with creative ways to still host the campaign this year despite a global pandemic. 

 Usually, the campaign involves a buddy system and pairing students up to encourage spreading kindness, but with the threat of COVID-19, club members thought it would be more beneficial to come up with activities that can be completed anywhere, even if students are not living on campus. For students who are living on campus this semester, in-person activities are available. 

 “Everyone can get involved at some level. You can choose to do a random act of kindness and follow the schedule every single day or not every day,” said executive board member Danielle Purinton. “It is really up to you the commitment you want to make to the campaign. It gets people thinking about how they can be kind all the time, not just during the month.” 

 For the entire month of March, every day there is a different act of kindness that members of the Springfield College community can participate in. 

 All of these activities are free and COVID-safe. The campaign kicks off on March 1, with the first act of kindness being to ask a friend to do an activity together on campus. This can be anything such as grabbing Cheney together, watching a movie, working out together at the gym, doing homework in the Union, or grabbing Starbucks and more. 

 The campaign continues with similar and simple activities, such as complimenting a stranger, contacting a family member or a friend who is in quarantine, promoting something you are passionate about, holding the door for the person behind you, sending a message to an elderly person, writing a thank you note to a healthcare worker, and more. 

 “I think this campaign will just bring our college more together and really solidify who we are as people,” said Purinton.

“Right now is kind of a sad and lonely time for people with Zoom classes and wearing a mask all the time where you can’t see everybody’s smiling faces. This campaign is a good opportunity to brighten people’s days,” said club member Sam Malloy. 

 The Kindness Campaign is also involving other clubs and organizations on campus. Different clubs will be hosting table events or sponsoring an entire day of kindness. 

 The Physical Therapy Club will be sponsoring March 8, where they are encouraging all students to move their bodies and to educate someone about desk ergonomics. The Art Club is sponsoring March 10, the NSSLHA is sponsoring March 11, the Health Science Club is sponsoring March 13, and the Vagina Monologues is sponsoring March 16. 

 The festivities continue into the month of March with the Y club sponsoring March 20, the Black Student Union sponsoring March 22, and the Physical Therapy Organization hosting a table event on March 23 where they will be encouraging students to complete a series of different physical activities.

 Other table events include PASO on March 25 during community hours, and the Health Science Club will be hosting a table event on March 30 at 12:00 p.m.

 The Kindness Campaign is also hosting Sip and Serve events throughout the month of March, which provides an opportunity for students to engage in community service hands-on and in-person that will benefit the Springfield community. 

 Sip and Serve events are every Sunday in the Union at 6:30 p.m., with a different service project every week for students to participate in. For the month of March, the different service projects include appreciation bags for faculty and staff, kindness rocks, cup cozies, and hygiene packets for healthcare workers. 

 To keep up to date for the Kindness Campaign’s daily events and activities, follow @sc_humanicsinactionclub on Instagram and look out for posters around campus with the daily kindness challenges.

Photo: Humanics In Action Club

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