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Ice rink on campus offers an outlet for students during the dreary winter months

By Braedan Shea

As another typical northern winter plows through the campus of Springfield College, those who enjoy the numbing and frigid temperatures are posed with an opportunity to try out the new ice skating rink located on the Abbey-Appleton green.

On January 23, the campus announced that the highly-anticipated ice rink would be making a comeback this year. After holding a successful soft-opening for the rink, running in two hour time slots from 1-3 p.m. and 6-8 p.m, the rink is fully back.

“I think it is really cool,” junior Danny George said. “It gives people an opportunity to do something in the winter time that is still outside and fun. It gets people to do some physical activity.”

Leaving the confinements of dorm rooms is a shared theme among students. First-year student Nick Frey said, “It is a good way to get out, given the current situation. I think it is also a great way to connect with other students that you may or may not have known.”

“It is something to do. People don’t want to be in their rooms all day, you know playing video games and whatnot, they want to go outside and do something, and even if it is cold it’s still good to get out,” said George.

The rink allows for students to get out of their rooms and find some time for themselves away from work. Keeping a healthy mental state is a key piece to the Springfield puzzle.

“I think it is a great way to take your mind off of class work, and doing it in a way that is different. Not many schools can say that they put up an ice rink for their students, which really makes me know that the school is trying to help us. It makes me proud to call myself a Springfield College student,” Frey said.

Getting on to the ice isn’t a problem – skates are available for use at the allotted time frames, completely free of charge. There are also guides that will help those who are a little less experienced than others. Students are just asked to follow a few simple rules in order to keep things moving smoothly.

The guidelines include having to wear skates at all times, no food and beverages allowed on the ice, and that skaters are to enjoy themselves at their own risk. All incidents and accidents are to be reported to staff working the ice immediately.

Although the recent snowstorm has put a halt on the use of the ice rink, the rink will be back up and running in the near future. Staff members have been clearing the ice waiting for the perfect opportunity to allow skaters back on safely.

Before students start looking ahead toward the warmer months coming, the rink is the perfect place to keep everyone in the moment, enjoying what they can right now.

Photo Courtesy Springfield College

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