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In Dire Times Trump Is the Only Option

Kevin Wall

Staff Writer

This election has definitely had its share of ups and downs, both in the Democrat and Republican Party – but especially on the Republican side. We’ve seen long-time Republicans in the Senate refuse to support the nominee. We saw 2016 Republican Presidential candidates like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Lindsay Graham break their pledge, and not endorse the nominee. Last, but not least, we heard last week’s video release of the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee, talking in a disgusting way towards women, which infuriated millions of people, including myself. But you know what, I still, without a doubt, will be placing my vote, for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States on November 8.

This election is too important, and we have two options: We have a man who’s built a successful business, converted it into a empire, and made billions of dollars in his life. He’s self-funded his campaign the entire way, he’s politically incorrect, he has ideas that do make sense, and he wants to keep the American Dream alive. Then you have Hillary Clinton, who’s more corrupt than any Washington insider in recent time.  Clinton was the one who recently called half of Trump’s supporters, “racist, sexist, homophobic, and Islamphobic,” by describing them as a “basket of deplorables.”

So, with that, Hillary Clinton called a giant proportion of America “deplorable.” Just because I disagree with most of what Hillary Clinton says, and what she stands for, she has the right to call me deplorable? This is also coming out of the same mouth, where not too long ago, Hillary Clinton called African-American children, “super predators.”

I may not agree with everything Donald Trump has said during his campaign, or has done. Trust me, there’s been a few times I threw my arms in the air, saying out loud, “What are you doing!”  Is he perfect? Absolutely not – but name me someone who is. It’s impossible to be perfect in this world.

The words out of Trump’s mouth 11 years ago were absolutely horrific, disgusting, despicable, and cringing, for me. You know what, he manned up about the situation and apologized immediately. For some people, that’s not enough to forgive – which is understandable. But you know what, actions speak louder than words, and Hilary’s actions have been far worse. From being involved in both Watergate, and Whitewater scandals, to her State Department decisions, where she allowed ISIS to become the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization. Let’s also not forget her actions and security failures with Benghazi, where she left four4 Americans to die. Last, but not least, her e-mail scandal. Hillary Clinton put our National Security at risk, and nearly put our country in jeopardy, by deleting 33,000 emails by using a private server with government information. President Nixon was forced to resign as President in 1974, because of 18 ½ minutes of deleted audio recording. Hillary Clinton did far worse, and honestly, it’s a shame that she wasn’t prosecuted – because if it were you, or me in this situation – our careers would be over.

Now, I can’t change your opinion if you are part of the Never Trump campaign. At the end of the day, I’ll respect your decision, and not look at you differently. However, I will leave you with this. Most of this country is tired of career lying, and lazy politicians. If you like the way this country is heading with open boarders, double trade, our country’s debt increasing, and having our 2nd Amendment on the verge of being taking away from American citizens, you go ahead and vote for Hillary Clinton.

If you want a change in our country, or if you want a shakeup in Washington, even if you supported Bernie Sanders, even as a democrat, if you’re not happy with the direction this country is going, you have to vote for Donald Trump. You may not like the man, his ego, his personality, etc. But if you want change, he is your only option.

Pennsylvania, a swing state in this election, has seen dramatic changes in party affiliationsafflictions. According to www.swingstate.com, The Pennsylvania Republican Party has seen an increase of 232,139 new voters since the last election in November 2015. Studies show that over 100,000 of them were registered Democrats.

It’s decision time, 2016. It’s time to put the boxing gloves on, and fight for what you believe in. You have got 18 days – the clock is ticking.


  1. Are you kidding me….I have no words for the crap you just spewed….he is not politically incorrect he is a misogynistic pig…he is xenophobic and the level of racism that is only rivaled by the KKK…you are not a journalist…you are a hate monger and should seriously consider changing your major to business…because unless Fox or Breitbart is your dream you are doomed.

  2. Given SC’s humanistic philosophy, it is disappointing to read an editorial supporting Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. He is the antithesis of all I believe SC stands for. He has denigrated muslins, immigrants, the disabled, women, essentially all people of color…then lied that he has, despite the audio-visual evidence to the contrary. You state that he is a successful businessman, but there is no evidence to support this; on the contrary he has filed bankruptcy 4 times, and on at least 1 year’s tax returns he reported nearly a billion dollar loss. We actually don’t know if he is a successful businessman, because he refuses to release any of his tax returns. He consistently labels Hillary Clinton a “crook” and a “liar”, yet he is facing trial on fraud and racketeering charges related to Trump University, and as already noted, he constantly denies saying things that are readily available to see and hear in mainstream media. He has been sued by the department of justice for discriminating against people of color over his housing/rental business. He has been sued over 5,000 times and has settled more than 75% of those suits for all sorts of civil complaints. Conversely, Hillary Clinton has been invested aggressively 5 times by the GOP-led congress at the cost of tens of millions of dollars without a single indictment, much less conviction.

    He has been prosecuting his campaign as though he was competing as a contestant on a reality T.V. show. He has denigrated our democratic process by perpetrating, and even inciting doubt about our country’s election process, despite no evidence that election fraud exists. He has consistently demonstrated his ignorance regarding complex international issues/conflicts and economics. You are correct about one thing however, he certainly does represent change. Change of the worse kind. Change that will do more to legitimize and exacerbate the increasing divisiveness, intolerance and ignorance our country is currently experiencing; and at the expense of those he professes he is most supportive of.

    As a graduate of SC (1971), I would hope we would all search our souls and think very carefully about this year’s Presidential election, and please make your decision by more than 140 character tweets, fb comments and campaign slogans.

    Linda E. Arslanian, `71

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