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In response to “On rape culture”

By Jake Buhelt


As a male reader, the first time I read this piece, I felt targeted. I felt wronged. I felt like it wasn’t a piece on rape; it was about bashing men. It angered me. It didn’t describe me at all, and I know many amazing guys who would never even entertain the thought.

After a few minutes of processing the piece and cooling off a little, I looked it over again. With a clearer mind, I thought about what it was that the writer was actually saying. I was a peer counselor in high school. With that experience, I was introduced to a variety of different issues, ranging from freshman girl-guy problems, to eating disorders, and you guessed it, rape. I thought about those few victims that I have gotten close to. With them in mind, I really analyzed the piece. I tried to poke holes in many of the arguments she made, and I continuously failed.

The undeniable fact is that this happens way more than we think it does. It needs to be talked about. This needs to spark up conversation. This piece is the truth.

People may criticize it, claiming that she is leaving out that men also get raped, but the numbers are overwhelmingly against women. Tempers may flair, and people may get angry, just like I did. But that is a good thing. This is an emotional issue. It should make people angry. It should make people sad. It should bring awareness to an issue that is wrongly swept under the rug time and time again.

Stand up, Springfield College. This isn’t about the reputation of the school, and it’s not about bashing men. It is about preventing this heinous, evil, and unforgivable act as much as we possibly can.

Emergency Medical Services Management major Jake Buhelt wrote this response to “Rape Culture” – a piece he first saw in a writing class in the fall semester.  

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