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Innovation in art

By Ashley Frank

Leave the canvas at the door and toss aside standard perceptions of art. Creativity knows no restraints, and unconventional materials are at the heart and soul of each piece one will be captivated by.  Strips of vivid color, intricately interwoven cotton, and laboriously layered tapes will certainly catch the eye, but it’s at closer inspection of these pieces that viewers’ interests will peak. The Material World Art Exhibition is underway in the William Blizard Gallery at Springfield College, and the work will leave each viewer fascinated with its very composition. 

“This show is really focused on artists who are using materials in experimental and innovative ways, and to explore the meanings associated with those materials,” said Assistant Professor of Art and Community Engagement and Gallery Director Jessica Poser.

The current exhibition showcases work by Coe Lapossy, Dawn Ertl, and Gisela Insuaste. While each artist explores different themes in their work, they share the feature of using unconventional materials to create their pieces. These materials hold certain values in connection to the ideas present, as well as the artist’s background. 

The displayed art defies the norms in more than one regard, as these pieces aren’t showcased via your standard methods. “The reason why I chose these three artists to show together is that they use materials very non-traditionally,” Poser noted while reflecting on the exhibition. “There are no frames, there are no pedestals, they’re really pushing their own methods to the extreme. They are really creating this based on their way of thinking.” 

Stepping into the gallery, one doesn’t simply stand and examine a piece that is contained within the borders of a frame. Rather, visitors step into an open space of thought and creativity, and follow it as it moves along the walls, examining the fine details and labor put into its creation. Viewers embark on the very journey being presented to them through the work.

The Material World will be on display in the William Blizard Gallery on the second floor of Blake Hall until November 7.  A closing reception for artists and the public will be held on that date from 4-6 p.m. Until then, visitors are welcome to walk through the exhibit Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The gallery holds multiple exhibitions throughout the year, allowing both students and professional artists to showcase their work in a supportive and open community space.

Photo Courtesy Jack Margaros

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