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Inside Gracie Detrick’s Instagram business, Angel Apparel

Amanda Hitchcock

A few decisions can change your entire life.

Gracie Detrick created an online boutique called Angel Apparel, where she started to sell matching tie-dye sets, and it really hit the ground running. She sells not only tie-dye sets, but other miscellaneous clothing items as well. 

Detrick changed her major from education to marketing when she saw how much she enjoyed running her own business and the success she was getting out of it. Detrick talked about how she found her “true calling” and is working on expanding her business. 

“I do plan on continuing to grow my business into an online boutique, not just selling tie dye. I already started by making my own website, getting a sellers permit to be able to buy wholesale and purchasing some of those clothes. My dream would be to one day have my own storefront,” Detrick said.

This business started during the COVID-19 pandemic while everyone was quarantined. Around Easter, the idea came to fruition. 

“This was a positive thing to come out of this time and the pandemic. If we weren’t home in quarantine, I don’t think this ever would have happened which is really crazy to think about. There are positives in everything if you’re looking,” Detrick said. 

Friends and family buy pieces from her but mostly her sales come from online orders. 

Detrick’s positive attitude made the most of her quarantine. With some help from social media influencers, her brand has been able to grow.

From the beginning, I reached out to influencers on Instagram to see if I could send them something to promote on their social media accounts. Luckily, a bunch of them responded and I was able to send them some pieces for them to wear which gave my Instagram and Etsy shop a lot of attention,” Detrick said. 

From a young age she was interested in fashion. Her parents told her she used to change her outfit up to five times a day as a child. 

Detrick has already gotten her foot in the door of the marketing world with her experience of owning her own business. Having good connections is the key to making your business successful. 

“A friend of mine babysat for the owner of this boutique in my town and she showed her my Instagram and the tie dye that I sold. To make a long story short, they asked me to do a showcase where I sold my tie dye in their store for a day. It was so fun, I made a bunch of sets and samples of my pieces to sell and took custom orders that day as well. It was a really successful and cool experience because I never thought I would be selling my clothes in a store,” Detrick said. 

As she continues to grow her business, she always appreciates any type of support. Her business can be found on Instagram, @shop.angelapparel.

Photo: Angel Apparel Instagram

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