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Instead of Complaining Be Thankful for the Opportunity to Create Change

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

I know Thanksgiving was last week and I’m sure everyone is remembering the week off, the family, friends and food. But I want to focus on the “thanks” part of Thanksgiving. I’m not going to lie thankfulness seems to be a little thin on the ground at Springfield College this year.

I understand when people have a problem with the school and how things are run. And yes I also know that no one enjoys finals. And I also get the unpopularity of things like the Townhouse policies. There is rumor of a security desk going in Alumni Hall. I don’t think anyone on campus is 100% happy with everything at Springfield College. I’m not. Those of us who are seniors have seen a lot of things change over the past four years and not always for the better. I understand that people are unhappy about some things on this campus. But sometimes, I think we as a student body need to remember that thankfulness extends beyond one day in November.

If you have a problem with how things are run at this school? Great. Than do something about it. Don’t post angry statuses on Facebook, or complain to your friends about how mad you are. Go deal with it. There are avenues to make your voice heard. Springfield College is a small school. Your voice won’t be lost in the masses. Do you have a problem with the Townhouse policy? Go talk to the Office of Student Affairs. Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students David Braverman would be happy to hear your input.

Complaining doesn’t fix anything.

Go talk to someone form the Student Government Association. Go talk to someone in the administration, a faculty member, your advisor, anyone. You have the power to be heard and get things changed so do it.

I’m just thankful for the opportunity I’ve had to get an education, participate in athletics, write for this publication, become an NSO leader and to meet the people that have become some of my best friends. If you aren’t happy here that’s ok. But if you’re truly unhappy than do something. Get involved and make a difference. Transfer if that is what you need to do. But we all chose to be here.

I doubt if we went back to senior year of high school that Springfield College is quite what we thought it was. But the fact remains that you’re here now. So make the best of it.

Be thankful you’re able to get an education. Not everyone is able to do that. Globally we are in an elite minority to be getting a college degree. This is an opportunity. Take it.

No one will ever be totally happy with every part of Springfield College. But to be honest I think that’s true in most areas of life. Chances are there will be a lot you don’t like about your first job, and your second and probably your third. But are you going to merely moan and complain about it or are you going to make the most of what you have and if you can work to make it better? Because to me that is far more productive venting on Facebook.

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