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Is Fall Here Yet?

Katie Benoit
Staff Writer

It’s the end of September and we are all still wearing shorts. The summer is nice and all, but many of us are so over wearing summer clothing. I’ve heard so many people talk about how they just want to wear their fall clothes. Personally, I’m ready for fall fashion, too.

I feel like it really shouldn’t be in the high 70s every day this late in September. Sometimes it’s cool in the morning, but by the afternoon, it’s warm out. This type of weather change makes it hard to pick out a good outfit for the day. It would be helpful if the weather provided so we could break out the fall clothes sometime soon.

Not only is fall clothing super comfy, it’s also cute. Oversized sweaters and long sleeved shirts along with leggings are a must. They undoubtedly fit the definition of comfy and cute. Fall gives the opportunity to put away those flip-flops and bring out some boots and moccasins, and people can actually start wearing jeans again. As the weather gets even colder, it comes time to break out the flannel shirts.

So hopefully the weather decides to cool down soon and everyone can start wearing all their favorite fall outfits.

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