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Is Kanye West Really a Fashion Icon?

Ben Ryan
Staff Writer

At 5-foot-8 stands a man high above the vast majority of the world, solely because of how incredible his music is. However, that same 5-foot-8 man is wearing skinny jeans with brown sweaters that have several holes vertically on the chest almost on a daily basis. On top of that, the man who wears such interesting clothing was somehow named GQ’s most stylish man of 2015.

This man is the one, the only, Kanye West.

Not taking anything away from his sold-out shoes, the Yeezy Boost’s, there is no denying the fact that he has some interesting fashion. When one looks at West, there’s a chance that they don’t think he would even be in discussion for GQ’s most stylish man of the year.

Maybe I’m just confused to the fact that the prices of the Yeezy clothing line range from $300-$2,000 for simple colored, boring and extremely long articles of clothing.

I’m sure it’s a quality brand, it better be for the price of one thousand dollars.

It’s still pretty ridiculous and blows my mind though that people are willing to spend the money on it.

Yes, it’s their choice to do so, but we have to think about how absurd the price of anything on his clothing line is. With West winning this award, he is now looked at as a fashion icon.


I feel as if many people are just blinded from his shoes, which sold out immediately. They resell for over a grand and they’re all the rage.

Although they’ve done so well, style is more than just shoes. You can have the best pair of shoes on the market, but if nothing else works with them it’s not fashion.

Walking next to the notorious Kim Kardashian everyday could be a plus for him, seeing that her and her family of celebrities rule the gossip world. Every day there is talk around the Kardashians and West, which could certainly help his case for winning.

We have all seen West actually dress up for award shows, and don’t get me wrong he looks stylish as ever. But when it comes to street clothing, I’m almost positive there are celebrities who dressed much better and are more deserving.

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