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Jamier Jones’ impressive athleticism lands him in the 2025 top 10

By Daniel Curren

When he was in sixth grade, Jamier Jones took his basketball abilities to a new level: he learned how to dunk.

Jones knew then that basketball was in his future.

A couple years later, the world started catching on. Jones began receiving national attention as an eighth grader during his time with AAU program E1T1 in Florida. He garnered the eyes of Overtime, Hoop Diamonds, MADE Hoops and more. His electric slam dunks and fiery playstyle at such a young age allowed him to go viral time and time again.

For someone who still hadn’t even started high school, this was a lot to handle.

“It was hard at first,” Jones said. “My family and coaches told me to stay level headed, and I just kept staying level headed with it. I tried not to feed into it.”

At first, Jones had gotten caught up in social media after seeing all of the hype he received. But, as time went on, he was able to avoid the easy distractions.

“That just tears everything apart,” Jones said. “I don’t pay attention to it anymore. I think I’m more locked in now than I was before.

Jones attended Riverview Sarasota High School (FL) for his freshman year of high school. There he averaged over 20 points per game before transferring to IMG Academy (FL) this season.

As he took the 12-mile journey north to Bradenton, Fla. from Sarasota, Jones didn’t realize the roller-coaster beginning he would have in the start of his time at IMG.

Jones missed the first few months of his sophomore season due to an injury. He has been back for a month and isn’t taking this season for granted.

“Ever since I got back, I’ve just been trying to have fun,” Jones said. “Because anything can happen.”

Jones is now ranked No. 10 in ESPN’s Class of 2025 recruits. Although the college recruitment process is looming, Jones appreciates the opportunity to play the game now without having to have his future at the forefront of his mind.

“I’m definitely looking forward to that, but I’m not trying to pay that much attention to it right now.” Jones said.

Photo: Carley Crain/The Springfield Student

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