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John Dayton Throwing His Way Into the National Scene for Springfield College

Greg Fitzpatrick
Contributing Writer

John DaytonWhether he is competing in the weight throw or he is out and about on campus, John Dayton always has a smile on his face. The junior from Bolton, Conn. has made quite the impact this season for the men’s track and field team.

Dayton competes in the weight throw event, and his success has been remarkable. Every meet has been worth a smile for him.

Dayton has qualified for every championship there is available, including Nationals.

The majority would think that Dayton has been around track and field his whole life. His dedication to this sport could only point in that direction. The actual truth is a clear opposite.

Dayton is entering his second year doing track and field. His freshman year, he played basketball and nagging injuries always took him out of games. During his sophomore year, Dayton became a resident assistant, and knew that he wouldn’t have time for basketball. Track and field became a definite option because of the hours of practices and because most of the meets were on the weekends.

Dayton knew that he always wanted to do track. He knows it is the right choice with all of the support and dedication he gets from his teammates and coaches. “The team has been my best friend and family,” Dayton said. “Everyone is always supporting each other.”

Starting off last year, Dayton threw 50 feet in the weight throw event. As he kept competing, he only improved. Fast forward one year, and Dayton has taken his success in the weight throw to a whole new level.

The first meet of the season on December 1 was a great start to Dayton’s season. He earned first place with a throw of 57 feet and 1.5 inches. The following weekend brought Dayton and his teammates to the Harvard Open. He finished third with 57 feet and 9 inches. The season only got brighter at the Bowdoin Quad meet for the Physician Assistant major, when he recorded first place with 59 feet and 3 inches.

Dayton has only kept moving with his success. Most recently on February 2, he took first in the weight throw event yet again. His distance of 17.11 meters (a little over 56 feet) was good enough to earn top honors.

With the New England Championships this Friday and Saturday, Dayton knows what his goals are going in. “I just want to work towards 60 feet, and eventually get the school record,” Dayton said.

The current school record of 62 feet is held by former football standout and current Atlanta Falcons’ linebackers coach Glen Pires. The record has stood since 1979.

Dayton wants to just continue to get better. As all-New England’s, ECAC’S and Nationals are coming close, he is going to take it one step at a time. With the amount of success John Dayton has had in so little time, who knows what he could do at the end of the season.

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