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Josh Cramoy’s Catchy Tunes Worth a Look: Artist performs at SC

Josh Cramoy of Fighting Friday Band performed in the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union. Above is footage from his band’s YouTube page.

Vivi Novello

Staff Writer

Josh Cramoy, a cover artist and songwriter from Boston, Mass., performed a handful of well-known hits in the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union this past Tuesday. He also sang a few original songs of his own and from his band, Fighting Friday.

As noon rolled around, the Union filled up with 50 plus staff and students. Cramoy introduced himself and said he hoped people could enjoy his music while enjoying their lunch.

With his black acoustic guitar, he opened up his show with his own cover and remix of Lady Gaga songs. Along with covers of Lady Gaga songs, the talented cover artist covered many other hip-hop/rap songs, as well as some rock songs such as “What I Got,” by Sublime.

Without a doubt, Cramoy’s easygoing, friendly vibes were evident as he asked the audience questions between each song. Throughout his one-hour performance, Cramoy didn’t sit down once. He kept a contagious smile on his face, as well as a catchy beat that would make any college student want to tap their feet.

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