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Kramer Bows Out Of Country Fest, Swon Brothers Join Bryant and Hish as New Performer

Vin Gallo

Deputy Sports Editor


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After what many students considered a controversial decision to make the annual spring concert a country concert, there has been a slight change to the lineup. The upcoming spring concert that is set to be held this Saturday has undergone a change in performers. The Swon Brothers have agreed to take to the stage with Hish and Chase Bryant, after country singer Jana Kramer withdrew her scheduled performance due to unforeseen circumstances.

“It’s not common that an artist would cancel this [late] in the game,” said Assistant Director of Student Activities/Campus Union Hannah Pancak. “It’s unfortunate but we were able to quickly book [the Swon Brothers] who I’ve heard good feedback from already.”

The Swon Brothers surfaced as contestants on The Voice in 2013. They were the first duo group on the show to make it to the top 12.

“We made a Spotify group so people can start familiarizing themselves with some of their songs,” Pancak mentioned. “They have some good hits, they just put a song out a song this past week on YouTube.”

Several Springfield College students expressed their thoughts on the change in performers.

“I don’t know who [the Swon Brothers] are,” said sophomore Subash Gurung.

Sophomore Nick Chin is indifferent towards the decision. “I have no thoughts,” he said. “I don’t listen to country music.”

Sophomore and avid country fan Bryan Price was able to offer some deeper analysis on the matter. “It’s not that big of a deal,” he said. “They’re both great performers, so I’m not too concerned.”

The student activities office foresees the concert to turn out as a success. There will also be free food in Abbey Circle for anyone who purchased a ticket to the event. Food will include pulled pork and mac and cheese.

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