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Leather Jackets: Always a Good Choice

Taylor Hassa
Staff Writer

Who ever said leather jackets were just for biker dudes was crazy Leather Jackets are one of the best and cutest jackets for the fall season.

Leather jackets come in all different cuts so one can achieve the motorcyclist or edgy punk look. And nowadays leather jackets don’t come in just black. They come in grey, brown, navy and tan. This makes it extremely easy to find the perfect jacket for you.

The leather jacket is an item of clothing that has been around forever. If you think back to when you were really little I bet you can remember that one person in the family that always wore a leather jacket.

This is because it is a timeless item and every woman should have at least one in their wardrobe. Some, however, are more timeless than others, like the medium length jackets. They are the most practical for the longest period of time. Black is also the most standard color choice, after all, it goes with everything.

Leather jackets are also very figure flattering. They lengthen you figure, thus hiding imperfections around your middle section.

When shopping for the perfect leather jacket, look for designer leather brands. That way the leather is sure to hold up for a long period of time.

The hottest leather jacket trends this season are longer coats that help slim the body, as well as button-front plackets and zippers that help make you look taller.

Some leather jackets come in different prints and textures. This makes the jackets versatile and you can find one for just about every outfit or occasion. The distressed leather look is one of my personal favorites.

Lastly, these jackets are super easy to clean. If anything were to spill on the leather, you can just take a damp cloth and wipe away the spill. It’s really as simple as that.

Before fall ends go out and find that cute leather jacket that’s perfect for you. It will never disappoint, and you’ll love the new edition to your wardrobe.

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