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Let’s Talk About Political Correctness

Alex Thomas
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

One of the biggest issues going on right now is political correctness. Everything that we say or do is now overshadowed by fear, a fear that we will offend someone. Quite frankly, I think we have reached a point where this is now a serious issue. It has overtaken colleges and it’s even impacting our government. I strongly believe political correctness is a major issue with today’s society.

Let’s start with college campuses, because we are a part of one after all. Every little thing has become an issue for people, it’s beginning to boarder on absurdity. A college in Oklahoma recently had a compliant filed against it because a student felt uncomfortable regarding a bible verse that was read. The exact wording was that the student felt “victimized” by the sermon, and he claimed that he shouldn’t have to listen to it, according to the New York Times.

This is an evangelical school that the student willingly attended, yet because he doesn’t like something, he filed a complaint. That’s a big issue in today’s society: if we don’t like something, we complain about it until we get our way. Here’s the thing; this student wasn’t forced to go to a school that clearly values religion, and this student knew that university chapel services were a part of the program. Complaining because, “A homily based on I Corinthians 13 had made him feel bad for not showing love” is just another example of people complaining until they get what they want. The University did not give in.

Complaints like this and overall foot stomping is seen on every college campus around the country, including this one. For example, there is a fine line that we in student media have to walk because of potential backlash from students and even faculty. There has to be an extra level of thinking and reading over what you say or write because people can’t handle criticism nowadays. Whether we want to hear it or not, it’s true. Another example of that on this campus is when talking about recent major news around the world. When working on pieces regarding the terror attacks in Paris and California, there had to be an extra level of care when talking about the suspected attackers because of the already boiling tensions racially in this country.

See, people are afraid to say things that need to be said. No one is saying that the religion of Islam only produces terrorists, in fact I haven’t heard a single credible person say that. However, being hesitant to call recent issues acts of ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ is a sign of the hold that political correctness has over this country. Now people, including the President of the United States, are scared to call something what it is, out of fear that there will be push back and people will just scream “You are a racist” back at them.

Here’s the thing, people, those attacks were radical Islamist terror attacks, just like the school shootings and movie theater attacks were domestic terrorist attacks committed by whites who were either supremacists or had other radical beliefs. Those are facts, whether we want to say them or not.

As a society, we have become afraid, soft almost. If we don’t like something or we disagree with something, we scream that we are offended and stomp our feet until something is done. Do you want to know what the biggest problem with that is? A lot of the time something is done and people get what they want.

I’m not saying let racists run around and say whatever they want, I’m not saying people should discriminate against anyone, I’m just saying it’s time to tap the breaks here. Let’s stop getting offended over everything that is said.

If it is a radical Islamic terrorist attack, then call it what it is. If it’s a white supremacist, then call that what it is too, don’t come out and say it was a good kid who was troubled. Same goes for things on college campuses. Not everyone celebrates the same things or practices the same religion or will agree with people’s arguments.

If someone comes up to me and says “Happy Hanukah,” I’m not going to be mad about it even though I celebrate Christmas. Want to know why? Because it really isn’t that big of a deal, we celebrate what we celebrate and I won’t be offended because someone else and I don’t have the same holiday. In fact, I’ll be happy someone took time to say something nice!

Same with what people say in arguments. Far too often I have been in classes, both here and in high school, where someone says something, and all of a sudden, the whole discussion goes off the cliff because someone got offended by a response. Whether it’s about sports, race, gender, whatever, everyone seems to have a chip on his or her shoulder and we end up with tensions and angry people. It needs to stop, getting offended so easily in a debate is a big problem today.

Enough stomping our feet and throwing a fit every time we don’t get our way or every time we hear something we don’t agree with. I’m not sure where things went wrong, but somewhere along the line we became a society that bends over backwards to please everyone all the time. It’s a shame, really. Tone down the political correctness people, enough with the coddling, this is part of adult life.

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