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Letter to the Editor: Faculty Support ARAMARK Workers

As members of the Springfield College community, we appreciate the hard work of our cafeteria workers and the care they bring to their jobs. We support them in their efforts to improve their lives by organizing to form a union, and we hope that Aramark will respect their wishes for a fair and peaceful process. We appreciate the stated position of neutrality by Springfield College that recognizes the right of the food service workers to freely organize. Given the Humanics Philosophy and the College’s commitment to providing an environment for the open exchange of ideas, we also hope that students, faculty, and staff will avail themselves of opportunities to learn more about this effort happening on our campus and the workers who are leading and participating in it.

Faculty Signatures:

Alice Knox Eaton, Humanities; Allison Cumming-McCann, Psychology; Amedeo DeCara, Library; Andrew Perry, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Ann Roy, Social Work; Anne Moriarty, Psychology; Bobbie Harro, School of Human Services; Brian Chase, Humanities; Britt Brewer, Psychology; Carl Fetteroll, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Chris Haynes, Visual and Performing Arts; Christie George, Sport Management; Chun Wun, Biology/Chemistry; Clifton Bush, School of Human Services; Cynthia Nazzaro, Visual and Performing Arts; Dan Fraizer, Humanities; Dan Zukergood, Education; Daniel Goldstein, Humanities; Daniel Russell, Social Sciences; Dennis Gildea, Humanities; Dennis Gouws, Humanities; Dix McComas, School of Human Services; Eileen Cyr, Education; Eileen McGowan, Environmental Science; Elizabeth McAnulty, Occupational Therapy; Elizabeth Morgan, Psychology; Ellen Rainville, Occupational Therapy; Fernando Gonzalez de Leon, Social Sciences; Fides Ushe, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Frank Torre, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Gary Berte, Social Sciences; Gemma Barnacle, Biology/Chemistry; Gordan Robinson, Social Sciences; Harold InDelicato, Computer Graphics and Digital Arts; Herb Zettl, Social Sciences; J. Dewrance, School of Human Services; Janet L. Burdewik, Humanities; Jasmin Hutchinson, Exercise Science and Sports Studies; Jason Beers, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Jeff Gagnon, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Jen Stratton, Education; Jennifer Johnston, Education; Jim Ragonnet, Humanities; Joanie Simmons, Occupational Therapy; Jody Santos, Humanities; Joe Berger, Biology/Chemistry; John A. Provost, Computer Science; John Borland, Sport Management; John Gibson, Physical Education; Jon Kahane, Psychology; Joyce Szewczynski, Humanities; Judith A. Moore, Health Sciences and Rehabilitation Studies; Judy VanRaalte, Psychology; Julia Chevan, Physical Therapy; Julie Smist, Biology/Chemistry; Justine Dymond, Humanities; Kate Snyder, Education; Kathryn Shea, Sport Management; Kathy Post, Occupational Therapy; Ken Wall, Sport Management; Kevin McAllister, Sport Management; Kyle Belanger, Humanities; Laura Maggio, Psychology; Laurel Davis-Delano, Social Sciences; LeThuy Hoang, Humanities; Linda Davis-Delano, Education; M.S. Rasdol, School of Human Services; Margaret Lloyd, Humanities; Marisa Blauvelt, Biology/Chemistry; Mark Simeone, Physical Education; Martin Dobrow, Humanities; Martin Shell, Visual and Performing Arts; Mary Healey, Biology/Chemistry; Meeghan Ziolkowski, Humanities; Micheal Rheault, Visual and Performing Arts; Mike Surrette, Psychology; Missy Quinlan, Social Sciences; Missy-Marie Montgomery, Humanities; Mulugeta Agonafer, School of Human Services; Nina Dini, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Patricia Gorman, Psychology; Peter Polito, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Rachel Naismith, Library; Rebecca Lartigue, Humanities; Richard Anderson, School of Human Services; Rick Paar, Psychology; Robert Accorsi, Sport Management; Robert E. Price, Humanities; Robert Hopkins, Emergency Medical Services Management; Ronald J. Maggio, Visual and Performing Arts; Sally Hage, Psychology; Shannon Whalen, Physical Education; Sheri Sochrin, Library; Simone Alter-Muri, Visual and Performing Arts; Susan Joel, Social Sciences; Susan Keys, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Tom Digby, Humanities; Zahi Haddad, Math, Physics, Computer Science; Zenobia Lojewska, Math, Physics, Computer Science.

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