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Letter to the Editor: Phyllis Bilton

phyllis2The ladies at Dunkin’ Donuts wish to take a minute to thank all of you for your generosity to our tip cup.

It seems this has become a wonderful TEAM effort. What started many years ago as a penny jar has grown beyond our expectations. All of our students, the administration, facilities, faculty, staff and even some of the parents have helped.

Because of your kindness, this year we were able to do a few extra things. We adopted three families with seven kids; we adopted a group home with five ladies; and finally, we were able to help a wonderful family who knowingly adopted two children with severe disabilities.

Joyce Bergeron is our “financial officer” who held on to all of our money and the Dunkin’ ladies were the collectors. Santa’s helper Elves were Cindy, the cashier at the Union; Diane from Subway; Nancy, the cashier at Cheney (she even enlisted her two daughters to help); Suzette from Special Programs, and Ceil and Phyllis from Dunkin.’

All of these ladies gave up a godly amount of time to shop for our families so they could have a wonderful Christmas. Not only do they shop with the wish lists, but they also have to wrap and label so the right gifts get to the right people. I firmly believe we will have some very happy folks on Christmas morning.

Thank you, all of you, for another successful year.


Phyllis Bilton

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