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Letter to the Editor: Put an End to the Cheney Plate Taunt

l2e-featimageTo the SC Community:

I was in Cheney one day last week, and it was heart-warming to see students stop near the door to sign a get-well poster for a Cheney employee. Then someone in the dining hall—a worker, or a student, or a visitor to campus—dropped a dish, which broke, and a large number of people throughout the building applauded and whooped.

I was embarrassed. I didn’t think I worked at a campus that thought it was okay to ridicule people.

SC family: if you were at Cheney clapping on that day, or on another like it, you’re a bully. You weren’t laughing with, you were laughing at, the person whose day got just that much worse be- cause of a common human accident. That’s no way to treat a fellow student or guest, and it’s certainly no way to treat the Cheney and Aramark staff who work hard to give us fresh food, made to order.

Don’t be that person clapping like a jerk. Be kind. Be the person signing the get-well card for a member of our campus community. Be the person helping a diner who is having a bad day to pick up his or her mess.

– Becky Lartigue
Professor, English and Humanities

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