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Letter to the Editor: Sexual Assault

l2e-featimageTo the Editor,

Kudos to The Student for covering the tough issues:  Andrew Gutman’s article “Students Lead Discussion on Campus Sexual Assault” did a great service to the Springfield College community, reporting in a thorough and thoughtful way about an important forum on sexual assault that took place here at SC. Gutman revealed to readers how the issue of sexual assault is dealt with on our own campus, as well as putting SC in the context of other campuses around the country that are working to improve their response to campus sexual assault.

Gabby DeMarchi’s accompanying article “How to Deal with Sexual Assault at SC” was a helpful accompaniment to Gutman’s article, giving SC students important information about the resources here at SC on this difficult issue.

Rape is in the news often these days, which makes reading the news a sobering and difficult experience at times.  However, it is actually a good thing that rape is being reported and taken seriously, rather than being ignored and tolerated, as it has been for far too long.  I applaud the staff of The Student for joining in this national conversation in such a substantive, meaningful way.


Alice Knox Eaton

Associate Professor

Humanities Department

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