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Looking ahead to the closing days of SEAT at the Table

By Mike Manning

Concluding the week-long SEAT at the Table event, the weekend of Oct. 31 will offer a total of six workshops to better educate the community in social inequalities.

Derek Webb will kick off Saturday’s events with, “Social Justice, Race, and Sport.”

“The participants will leave with a greater understanding of how social justice, race, and sport are all connected,” Webb said.

Webb’s event will look at both past and recent events within the sports world to help connect sport and social justice. Events such as the iconic Black power salute at the 1968 Olympics, a tribute to indigenous people by the 1888 New Zealand Rugby team, the National Anthem protest by Colin Kaepernick and many more will be discussed throughout Webb’s workshop.

Luther Wade and the Men of Excellence will take over the next session with their workshop titled, “N-Side the N-Word.”

Preferring a crowd of predominantly white people, Wade, along with the Men of Excellence seek to discuss the n-word. The hope is that those leaving the session will have a better understanding of the history and meaning behind the word.

“I hope white people walk away with an understanding of what the word symbolized before and after Black culture reclaimed it as something positive,” Wade said.

Explaining that it’s not acceptable, Wade asks for support from all parties when they see the word being misused.

Completing Saturday’s set of workshops, Xavier Gibson, Katie Skowronek, Julia Chevan and Katie Everton will be showcasing a video filled with interviews from students, faculty, and health care professionals.

Titled, “Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Health Professions are Important for Everyone’s Health,” Saturday’s final event looks to highlight bias and disparities within the healthcare field.

With 38 total workshops throughout the week, Springfield College’s newly organized SEAT event will conclude with three final sessions on Sunday, Nov. 1.

Beginning with, “Access to Recreation and Leisure: Perspectives of Inclusion,” Rachel Keyworth and Nicole Wassell will be offering a roundtable discussion related to their topic from a competitive perspective.

“Ableism and Accessibility: Rethinking Notions of Norm,” presented by Sara Scribner and Brianna Dickens will hold the second event of the day. Talking and defining ableism, attendees in the session will walk away with a better understanding of discrimination in favor of able-bodied people.

The last event of the week is home to Ayanna Crawford. With the session titled, “Reimagining a More Diverse Community,” those in Crawford’s workshop will be doing just that. In an attempt to look into the future for ways to bring the community together, attendees are to express their ideas through art forms.

Photo Courtesy of Springfield College Office of Multicultural Affairs

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