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Love, Sex and No Relationships: Sexting

Jaclyn Imondi

Copy Editor

LSNRSexting: the act of text messaging someone in hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit. This is the official definition of “sexting,” and by “official,” I mean the one posted by Urban Dictionary.

At this point in today’s society, most everyone between the ages of 14 and 50 is aware of what sexting is. Sexting can be fun and flirty, and it actually can refer to texting out the act of a sexual encounter or sending explicit pictures of your body to someone else.

Sometimes, the best part about sexting, especially in college, is sending sexy texts or photos to someone you know who needs to be concentrating because he/she is either in class or at an internship.

There’s so much style that can go into sexting, too. Everyone does it in their own way, and you can be creative with it in a variety of ways. I have seen pure poetry be the result of a “sext,” while I have also seen incredibly pathetic attempts at writing to get me “turned on.”

It’s a true skill, I think, to be able to sext whilst remaining completely straight-faced. That is a skill that absolutely comes with practice, or you just so happen to have a sexting partner who gets turned on really easily while you lay around in your sweat pants, typing on your phone with one hand because cheese dust from the half-eaten bag Doritos that lays on your stomach.

Sexting is awkward for some people, too, and I totally respect that. Sex is hard to verbalize and we’re often told not to talk about it, so when the guy you have a crush on texts you saying, “What would we be doing if you were here right now? ;)” I think it is very much understandable that you would freeze.

Personally, sexting is also a really great way for newly sexually-involved people to get to know what each other likes and dislikes. It’s a lot less awkward saying “No I don’t like that” via text message than it could be to say it while you and your partner are in your most vulnerable positions: naked with each other. If you don’t want to ruin the mood in your texting conversation, and then your partner tries that move that you didn’t like in real life, it could make things awkward and create for a mistrusting environment. Just be careful what you type.

This mode of communication is also really great for long distance couples who still want to “keep the flame burning.” I have also heard of couples having sex over skype, which really just means that each person pleasures him/herself in front of the camera attached to the laptop sitting in front of him/her.

So sext away, my friends. Make it dirty, make it fun, and make it sexy.

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