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Maroon XIII Holds A Cappella Auditions at Springfield College

Melissa Milich
Staff Writer

Excited chatter echoed through the walls of Marsh Memorial Chapel as the returning members of Maroon XIII gathered around the grand piano.

This past Sunday, Springfield College’s co-ed a cappella group held auditions for the upcoming year. After losing six members from last year, they reached out into the college community seeking fresh faces. After an exciting 2012-13 highlighted by an appearance at the International Championships of A cappela in Boston, Mass. last February and their spring showcase, the members of Maroon XIII were eager to add new talent.

“I am looking forward to the new voices and new energy for the group,” said returning senior member Alex Gilson.

Thirteen prospective singers gathered outside the chapel waiting for their moment to capture the group. Bent heads, hushed whispers and pacing outside the glass door were all part of the process.

Sam Manero, a sophomore waiting to audition, stated, “I’ve always wanted to do something with music, and this seemed like a great opportunity.”

Assembled in a ring around the piano, the members of Maroon XIII kept the audition light-hearted and welcoming for those hoping to earn a spot.

Each of the singers showcased their talent by performing a song of their choice, followed by various vocal skills such as scales and matching pitch led by Executive Board member Jill Funk.

“For this year, I am excited to see how we work together musically and play off each other’s strengths,” said Funk.

After several hours of auditions and deliberations the group came to a consensus and welcomed six new members to the group.

Separate from the co-ed a cappella group, the women’s a cappella group, “The iTones,” will be holding their auditions September 27 at 7 p.m.

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