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Mason Preble elected Student Government President for 2023-24 academic year

By Nick Pantages

Mason Preble has been elected president of the Student Government Association for the 2023-2024 school year.

Preble’s main job as president of SGA is to moderate relations between students and staff in all capacities, and also to help the various groups of clubs and organizations on campus.

“We are here for the students,” Preble said. “Any student concerns, whether it be ResLife, Cheney, events or student life, anything that can impact [students] we are here for.”

Preble joined SGA in the fall of 2022, and his fit into the club has been seamless. Just a couple of months in, current president Doug Wydom mentioned to Preble about running for the position of Vice President of Student Affairs, which would essentially be the right hand man of the President of SGA.

However, after realizing that no current member of SGA was running for president of the club, and after a chat with advisor Annie Warchol, Preble figured that he should give running for president a shot.

“The thought just popped into my head, and I was like, ‘Why not? I’ll just go for it,’” Preble said.

Warchol has been extremely helpful for Preble through this process. Warchol, the Assistant Dean for Student Engagement, is the person who Preble credits the most when guiding him to this position.

“She’s honestly the best person to know on campus,” Preble said.

Warchol also helped Preble develop his leadership skills during this process.

“I came in as a strong leader,” Preble said. “I was a leader at my high school, but she just pushed me to go for stuff, and I can’t thank her enough.”

Preble credits some of his leadership qualities to his upbringing in rural Rhode Island.

“Something that sets me apart from other leaders is my drive and my ability to do the dirty work. I grew up on a farm, I’m down to do the dirty work,” Preble said.

Now that Preble has been elected as president, he has some personal goals set for next year. His main task will be to develop SGA as not only a big organization on campus, but also off campus. Whether it is helping people with their struggles on campus or cleaning up the yard of a veteran off campus, lending a helping hand is a consistent theme in Preble’s mission.

“I want to let people know that Springfield College is here for them on and off campus,” Preble said.

With all of his goals established, Preble is ready to maximize his time as president of SGA.

“I’m excited for next year, and I’m excited to be president,” he said.

Photo Courtesy Springfield College

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