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Meet the Class of 2022 Student Trustee Candidates

Q1: What does Springfield College mean to you?
Q2: What makes you qualified to become student trustee?

Sabrina Williams

1.) Springfield College is a place of growth. A place where questions are allowed be asked and a place that strives for inclusivity. Springfield College is a place where I can develop as the future leader I plan to be. Springfield College means to accept people for who they are and to never make a person feel like they are alone. Springfield College means to not only develop personally through one’s mentality and physicality, but to develop through service towards others in spirit.

2.) I am qualified to be the student trustee because of my determination for improvement. I have worked closely with The Office of Multicultural Affairs to provide a safe space for students of marginalized groups on campus, and I have started Women of Power, a club that thrives off the ethnic, cultural, and racial differences of women. I am determined to continue my work for the improvement of the campus by listening to others in order to implement change on behalf of the student body. My commitment to campus improvement is was what makes me qualified to be student trustee.

Xavier Washington

1.) Springfield College means community. As a member of this campus community, I must manifest our mantra with demonstrations of comradery. Having the opportunity and skill to have a lasting effect on the world around you is invaluable. To inspire and encourage others to be the best they can be. Springfield College means more than just an opportunity, but a place where I can create a family with peers and the community.

2.) Springfield College thus far has allowed my growth in leadership, diligence, liberality, and altruism. Being able to express these qualities is essential, which is why I am very grateful and blessed. I am qualified to be a Student Trustee because I care about the world around me. Growing up, I was involved in church, sports, school, and extracurriculars. My childhood experiences and passions have helped broaden my view of the world and understand experiences different than my own. Also, being heavily active on campus with clubs such as Men of Excellence, Business, YMCA, and Students Striving to Bridge Diversity, I have been able to utilize such qualities to create awareness and progress for pressing issues on Springfield College campus. 

Max Pape 

1.) Springfield College means to go beyond the self and to expand the self into the greater good for the community. It is to do what may seem small and insignificant on the surface, but over time those small daily commitments add up into the development of spirit, mind, and body in leadership and service to others. Springfield College means relationships, and those relationships thrive on the foundation of the Humanics philosophy.

2.) I am qualified because of my experience working with a vast variety of student groups on campus. I am involved with athletics through the baseball team, I am a resident assistant, I am a new student orientation leader, and I help serve on the executive board for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club, the Humanics in Action club, and the Alternative Spring Break club. Being involved on campus has given me the opportunity to form intimate relationships with a variety of students, in which I would love to give back to my fellow students as the next Student Trustee.

Natalia Kompocholi

1.) Springfield College to me means opportunity. An opportunity to blossom and expand your horizons in many directions. It means immersing yourself in your passion and watching it grow within you. Regardless of where that passion stands, whether academically, giving back to the community, or being involved on campus, Springfield College has brought my visions to life through sharing my passion with faculty and students. Springfield College means support; to its students, surrounding community, and its own philosophy. For many, it means the years in transition to real life happening with an immense amount of support in their overall growth. 

2.) I am a committed, compassionate, trust-worthy, and determined individual. I grew up loving Springfield College (I am a legacy) and dreaming about experiencing the college’s philosophy for myself. I am passionate about everything I do. When I am presented with a task, I will find a way to get it done. I am a social and personable individual. I love making conversation with people and communicating my ideas and aspirations with them. Through that I learn more about them, and their expectations making me able to inform and publicize actions taken to make our school the best it can be. 

Christina Evangelista 

1.) The first thing I think of when I heard Springfield College is pride. Our college community is known for the pride we put into our education, work ethic, and determination to help individuals. This campus means a lot as an undergraduate student because I care about my education and professional development. This college has been a lovely place to grow over time, and I am grateful for becoming involved with many clubs and organizations. Besides offering me a wonderful education, Springfield has instilled within me the confidence to pursue my goals, with the right amount of determination to achieve them. 

2.) I feel that I am qualified for position of Student Trustee because of my involvement with many clubs and organizations on campus, which provided me with enriching experiences. They also taught me important life skills including cooperation, collaboration, and work ethic which are all important in the student community. If selected, I will ensure and advocate that the voices of Springfield College students will be heard. I would also commit myself to take in all interests of students in a fair and just manner. In doing so, I would be serving my student community and giving back to Springfield College.

Kyle Lukaesko

1.) For me, Springfield College means getting the opportunity to do the sport I love every day while being able to study what I am interested in. There are few places that even have NCAA Men’s Gymnastics programs, so I am really lucky to be able to participate here while preparing for a career in the future. I have the greatest teachers, coaches, teammates, and friends that make being here worth it every day. Coming to Springfield offered me more than I ever could have asked for.

2.) I think that the Student Trustee should be someone who is responsible, involved, and eager to contribute positive change to Springfield College. Through my participation in athletics, the Honors Program, and working with professors in the Social Sciences department, I have been able to develop relationships with faculty and students with a variety of interests and involvement on campus. I think that these, along with the ambition and some ideas of things to do for the College, would put me in a successful position as Student Trustee.

Lauren Eastwood

1.) Springfield College means opportunity, and opportunity means a chance to grow. Whether you are a legacy student, a first-generation student, or anything in between, Springfield College makes it its mission to educate all students in “spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others”. As members of this institution, we have limitless opportunities to make a difference in our own lives and others’, leaving how we do that up to our own imaginations and ambitions. Springfield College prioritizes its students, through creating a holistic learning environment; to me, that means being prepared to make a difference in the world. 

2.) The role of Student Trustee is one of great honor and responsibility; a role that I am eager and prepared to take on. Having worked multiple jobs and being involved in various clubs on campus, I have had opportunities to grow into the person I am today; one who understands the value of working with others, as well as the importance of the time and effort put into everything I do in life. No matter what the task at hand is, I make sure I am fully committed and that I always do it with a smile on my face.

Jennifer Charlera

1.) Springfield College means a home away from home. Even though it’s a new environment, I’ve felt comfortable because people embrace my unique personality. Springfield is an atmosphere where you can say what’s on your mind and not feel like you will be judged. This campus is filled with rich opportunities that I couldn’t get anywhere else. Springfield College is a place where I can be independent and in control of the path, I want to take.  It’s like a spiritual place where I can find myself.  It has exceeded my expectations and become a true second home.

2.) My communication and leadership skills make me qualified to be the next Student Trustee because it will allow me to listen and advocate for others. In my role as president of the Women’s Rugby Club and on the executive board of Student Society for Bridging Diversity, I gained the ability to understand the concerns of people who share different experiences. These leadership positions have provided me a different perspective when approaching conflicts that helped the success of both of my organizations. This connects perfectly to the Student Trustee position because I will be able to effectively represent my peers. 

Nicole Bindell

1.) Springfield College is a home away from home. It has acted as a safe place where I am able to be my best and true self. I believe that Springfield College has given me the opportunity to discover my interests, find lifelong friends, and has been a place to call home. I have been challenged by many experiences here that have turned me into the person I am today and continue to lead me to be the person I want to be.

2.) I am qualified to be the next Student Trustee because I have served as a leader to others in the past, from Pre-Camp to Track and Field. I am able to listen to others and make sure everyone is heard. I believe I can make an impact on the students here by truly being a friend and a voice for all students. I intend to make changes that benefit the students and faculty here, while maintaining the traditions and values that Springfield College was built on. 

Danielle Fernandes

1.) Springfield College is my wings. It’s a place I feel I can be me and soar. This campus is open to all types of different people, there is no set image of a Springfield College student. No matter your race, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs or even your ability to play basketball. SC is the future teachers, scientists, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapist and so much more. It is where I will dedicate myself for my future as well as the future students. The future here continues to excite me.

2.) I am qualified to be the next Student Trustee because I am determined, open-minded, and I work for the people. I want to do good for all and push for needed change. I am comfortable asking the uncomfortable and tend to be very understanding. As well as I have past experience working with administration and students. In my high school that had about 2,000 students, I was President of a board that took students concerns and brought them to the administration of my school as well as the entire city’s school board.

Lexie Blake

1.) Springfield College is the birthplace of many things. Basketball, of course, is one of them. However, upon closer inspection it is also the birthplace of star athletes, talented artists, hardworking medical workers, and many more. Most of all, Springfield College is the birthplace of leaders. For me, SC is a new beginning where I am allowed to embrace who I am as a leader and become my own person. Springfield College means students who have shown me support, faculty who have pushed me farther than I ever thought possible, and a campus I call home. SC means togetherness, service, and family.

2.) It is not easy to claim that I am more qualified to be the next Student Trustee than anyone else. I think that my experience with the LGBTQ+ community on campus, as well as my drive in advocating for diversity is what sets me apart. I am already co-planning a Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Innovation conference. This process takes supportive listening, organization, acceptance and most importantly; initiative. I feel that I have the ability to truly hear all voices no matter how loudly their volume may ring now. That is why my focus would be advocating for ALL voices.

Derek Profita

1.) Springfield College to me means being a part of something bigger than yourself, you are a part of a community or one big family. You feel connected with every person you interact with on this campus, which speaks about the positive environment here. During my two years at Springfield, I have learned many valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. I feel privileged to attend Springfield College, a school that cherishes its students and cares about our future success.

2.) As Student Trustee, I would bring many different skills to the board. I hold very good communication skills, collaboration skills, ability to work with others, and have a vision for the future of Springfield. Working and talking with people is something I love doing and would like to continue to do in the future. I would be extremely honored to hold this position and I know if allowed to positively represent this school, it will be a goal of mine to keep the community that we all love.

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