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Minds in Motion Club emphasizes mental health around campus

Carley Crain

Springfield’s newest club, Minds in Motion, is looking forward to educating the Springfield College community about mental health and self-care practices.

Newly formed by Springfield student-athletes Abby Murdock, Aly Coyle, and Cameron Borges, the club is focusing on creating an open and safe environment for students to share their personal mental health experiences. 

The idea for Minds in Motion was inspired by mental health and body image advocate Victoria Garrick, who came and spoke to Springfield student-athletes last school year. After Garrick came and spoke, her message really resonated with Murdock and Coyle, thus the idea for Minds in Motion was formed. 

After connecting with the counseling center, Borges joined the project, as well as a few graduate assistants, advisor Lauren Gray, and the head of the counseling center Brian Krylowicz. The original goal was to start the club last year, but with COVID cutting last semester short plans changed to start up Minds in Motion this fall. 

 As a new club on campus this year their main goal and mission statement is to “aspire, educate, and promote mental health practices, techniques and conversations to uplift the Springfield College Community.” The club wants to provide the Springfield College community with a safe and open environment to talk about mental health and the stigma surrounding it.

 “Pretty much we want to educate people and promote mental health and well-being, ” said co-founder of Minds In Motion Abby Murdock. “Especially right now, it is really important during this time with COVID.”

 Minds In Motion is striving to have open and honest conversations with students, and to create a community of positivity. 

 “I think in a college atmosphere, it is really important to have kids take the initiative and understand that it is okay to go through tough times, and it is okay that someone might not be in the best place,” said co-founder Cam Borges.  “I think what is important is having people around you that want nothing (other) than the best for you.” 

 Their first event of the year is this upcoming Friday right outside of the Union, as they are having an informational booth about suicide since September is suicide prevention month. 

The club is planning on doing more informational booths like this throughout the semester about a variety of mental health topics. They are also working on having a guest speaker attend one of their weekly zoom meetings, as well as hosting some self-care activities.

 Starting up a new club on campus has definitely been a challenge with COVID restrictions, but Minds In Motion is working on coming up with new and creative ways to get students involved. 

“I think it has been really difficult starting up a new club online because there are a lot of things that we cannot do and a lot of the ideas that we brainstormed are not realistic anymore,” said Murdock. “We have been working on creative ways to get people engaged.” 

 To join Minds in Motion and to stay connected with the club throughout the semester, zoom meetings are held every Thursday night at 8 p.m. and their Instagram page is @mindsinmotion_sc. 

Photo: Jack Margaros/The Student

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  1. — The club wants to provide the Springfield College community with a safe and open environment to talk about mental health and the stigma surrounding it.

    One could have a very interesting conversation about those taught and teaching there is a stigma to mental illnesses. And it is certainly time we did.

    Harold A Maio

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