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Moneyball a Home Run

Tyler Stinson

Staff Writer

Baseball is unlike any other sport on the planet, and Mon­eyball, a true story directed by Bennett Miller, shows just how unbelievably interesting and controversial the world of Ma­jor League Baseball can be.

Brad Pitt plays Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane during their unlikely and suc­cessful 2002 season. He is able to assemble, on a budget that equaled almost one-fourth of the New York Yankees, an extremely successful season where the A’s broke the ma­jor league record for consecu­tive wins, putting together an amazing 20-game streak.

Jonah Hill plays Peter Brand, Beane’s right-hand man and the brains behind the op­eration, as the two shake things up by using a system based on computer-generated numbers and statistics to put together a team that can compete with the wealthy organizations of the league.

The movie does a spectacu­lar job of showing the inner workings of an MLB orga­nization and the corrupt and extremely personal scouting system.

The cast works magic as you feel like you are reliving the A’s fantastic season from behind the curtain. Beane’s story of faith and persistence is under­lined by his own personal story of an over-hyped, young base­ball player that never met expectations of scouts. The dialog keeps the movie flow­ing and has a constant amount of baseball humor to keep you chuckling the whole way through.

Actual footage of the season helps bring the real excite­ment of baseball to the story and makes you feel a connection to the team. Baseball in itself does not need Hollywood to make it any more dramatic, and this movie speaks to that point with no gimmicks or movie tricks to try to en­hance the story.

The movie stays pure to the sport, guaranteeing that any fan of baseball will fall in love with this film. What gives this movie the extra nod of approv­al is the fact that this is a recent story, taking place only nine years ago. You understand why Beane’s actions are so impor­tant and had an impact on the game forever. Baseball is some­times a movie in itself and, to quote Beane from the movie, “How can you not be romantic about baseball?”

In my opinion, truer words have never been spoken. Mon­eyball is a must see and can be added to the list of classic movies based on the beautiful sport of baseball.

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