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My Formal Fiasco


Taylor Hassa
Layout Editor

As I am sure you all know, this past Saturday was senior formal. Instead of writing about what everyone wore, and what looked good and what didn’t, I am going to share a more personal story.

I had been looking forward to formal pretty much all semester. It is a night to dress up and look like a princess, what girl wouldn’t look forward to that?

Anyway, I had been fantasizing about the dress for months, Tiffany blue, sparkly, strapless and of course, short. About a month or so before formal, I went online just to get an idea, and I found my dress.

It was an Alyce Paris short dress that met all my necessary criteria. I was in heaven and I called the dress shop closest to me right that second. They had the same dress in stock just in a different color so I went to try it on.

Well, as soon as I slipped into the dress, I knew that it was the one and I needed to order it in the right size and color. The storeowner took my measurements and said it would be in by the 31st of March.

The 31st came and went and I received no call from the store, so I called and she told me the dress should be in that week. That wasn’t the case.

The next time I called the woman was a week before formal and the last time I would be home before formal, so I needed the dress. The storeowner told me that she thought the dress got lost and at this point I should look for another dress.

Now, instead of crying and letting all my formal dreams crumble before me, I flipped out.

I told the storeowner that when the 31st came and went that she should’ve been on the phone with the company. She told me that it got lost and she forgot to ask for the tracking number. I had had enough of that woman and called the company directly and explained my situation.

I told the company that I needed the dress the next day so I could get alterations done, if needed, before I came back to school. The woman at the company sorted the whole ordeal out and overnighted the dress to me.

When I arrived at the store the next day, the dress did need some alterations and I had no time to take it anywhere else so I had to let the crappy storeowner alter it.

She did a good job and had the dress ready the next day, but she tried to charge me $80! I tried to explain to her that $80 was ridiculous considering all the trouble I had to go through to get the dress.

Well, she freaked out and we ended up fighting for a good half-hour. Eventually, she just threw the dress at me and told me to take it. I told her that I didn’t plan on not paying her; I just thought $80 was a bit much. She didn’t care so neither did I, at least I had my dress.

Luckily, I got the dress in enough time to pick out the matching vest and tie for my date. It was a close call, but it all worked out nicely and the night was too/more perfect than I had ever expected.

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