National ranking cause for Springfield celebration

By Vin Gallo

Deputy Sports Editor

Photo courtesy of Springfield College

Last Thursday, under a blue sky on a bright fall morning, the community of Springfield College took a step back and admired its accomplishments. There were t-shirts, there were mugs, there were refreshments, and there was pride in the cool, windless air.

Springfield faculty, staff, and students gathered around the Flynn Campus Union, and the statue of James Naismith looked on as Springfield College President Mary-Beth Cooper took to the podium to address the campus.

“I am very proud of not only the institution, but of the people who are a part of it,” said Cooper. “Our trustees, our president, our student, our faculty, our staff – it truly is a group effort. Everyone should feel proud. For me to lead a place like this, it’s a dream job.”

Several national sources have given Springfield College high marks, from its academic excellence, to its dedicated actions of volunteerism and community service. In addition, Springfield has been named a recipient of the Presidential Award within the education category of the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.

Springfield has also made an appearance in the national rankings in U.S. News Best Colleges. For the sixth straight year it has risen in the top tier category. Springfield is now the No. 27 best school in the north region. In Springfield’s category, it has been ranked in the top 12 for colleges offering students the best value.

Cooper could not be prouder of the campus community, and its growth is not projected to cease any time soon.

“We are a regional gem, and I want us to be a national gem,” Cooper said. “I want people to see how special this college is.”

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