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NBA 2K15 is the Real MVP

We’re almost at the holiday time of the year when we see a bunch of games launched. Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and even a new Pokemon game are all coming up soon and are all games I’m very excited for.

Nick Lovett
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We’re almost at the holiday time of the year when we see a bunch of games launched. Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and even a new Pokemon game are all coming up soon and are all games I’m very excited for. Sadly, I cannot review Batman: Arkham Knight because it got pushed from its late-October release date to early June of next year. So I decided to spend my money on a sports game that is solid year in and year out, NBA 2K.

Kevin Durant graces the cover of this title that doesn’t do too much to improve last year’s edition, but it didn’t need to either. Let’s start with the visuals. 2K looks fantastic like it did last year with a few minor tweaks to make the game more realistic. The yearly changes in court appearances and jerseys are welcome as are some tweaks to the player models to make them look more like their real world counterparts.

Gameplay is very similar to the 2K14 title with the only minor change, at least that I can see,being the shooting meter. For a while, 2K games were predicated on timing in the shot using visuals. You would have to release your shot when your player was at the top of his shot for the best results. Now, there is a semi-circle underneath your player that is similar to the throwing meter in baseball games. You have to get the meter in the middle to get off a good and accurate shot. If you get the meter right in the middle, it turns green and you nail the shot. If you get the meter green, chances are, you hit the shot. The better the shooter you have, the more you can be off on the meter and still hit the shot. Obviously, the worse your shooter, the worse a chance you have of hitting the shot when you miss on the meter.

Speaking of worse players, let’s go to the My Pro game mode, which, if you read my review last year, is my go-to mode for this title. This year’s My Pro is a little different than years past. You start this time as an undrafted free agent, not a lottery pick.

As a UDFA, you get to select a team to try out for and get a 10 day contract. Depending on how good the team is, that is how good you have to be. Take, for example, the Orlando Magic.They are one of the worst teams in the NBA and in order to stay with them after your 10 day is up, you have to average a C- teammate grade. The better the team, the harder it is to stay with them. You only get a selection of about 10 or 12 teams to pick from, ranging from bad teams to mediocre teams.

Besides the new starting off point, the actual storyline is different. Thankfully, you no longer have a corny rival and you have to earn your spot on the team. After your first 10 day contract, you get a second 10-day contract, and then you get signed for the rest of the year. After the year, you can choose to sign back with your team if they offer you a contract or you can try a new team. This feature is great because I love the fact that you can choose a new team if you do not like the team you initially signed with.

The attribute system is a little different as well. Instead of upgrading one thing at a time, you upgrade wholesale groups at a time. You can upgrade by category, which involves everything shooting, athletics, playmaking, defense, and mental. These groups include everything in that group instead of the individual things which is so much better as your player can get better faster.

The other modes are the exact same as they were last year with some minor tweaks here and there and they include, My League, My Team, and Multiplayer which all function as normal.

This game is the one of the best sports games year in and year out for a reason. This game looks amazing and plays just as good. The development team knows what they are doing and they only make tweaks where they need to, never where they don’t. The game menus on the next gen systems make it look like a complete game this time around and I am very happy about that. There is little wrong with this game and that is why its rating is so high.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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