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New Bikes at Wellness Center Provide Interactive Workout

Jimmy Kelley

Assistant Sports Editor

Gone are the Expresso bikes that used to line the windows on the first floor of the Springfield College Wellness Center. In their place are the Trixter Xdream bikes.

The Trixter bikes, like the Expresso bikes before them, allow you to navigate through a course by steering the bike yourself. These new bikes have arrived as part of the Wellness Center’s policy of replacing the cardio equipment every three years.

The process of getting started is simple enough. You sit down on the bike and come up with a unique username that will house all of your statistics. Once your account is set up, you are ready to ride.

The main difference between these bikes and the Expresso bikes is that instead of twisting the handles to turn, it is more of a side-to-side leaning motion. Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness Kate McMahon cites this difference as a bonus of the new bikes.

“The different turning style offers a core workout that you did not get from the Expresso bikes,” said McMahon. “Also, the multiplayer network feature allows you to race against anyone with a Trixter username.”

For anyone out there looking for a fun, new cardio workout, head down to the Wellness Center and check out the new interactive Trixter Xdream bikes.

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