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New Club Embraces the Outdoors

Andrew Gutman
Features Editor



Hunting, fishing and hiking.

These aren’t things that one normally experiences in the city of Springfield, but now you can. The SC Sporting Club is a new club on campus that is bringing the outdoors to Springfield College.

Junior Jeff Doran decided to start the SC Sporting Club in hopes of creating a smaller community within a community.

“I am an avid outdoorsman. It is kind of out of place here, and there are not a lot of people who are openly talking about hunting and hiking. So, I thought that instead of going out one-on-one and trying to find people, I would create a club and draw people in that way,” stated Doran.

The club hopes to travel to South Hadley, Mass. among other places to get a full outdoor experience. Spring hikes to Mount Washington are also a plan that Doran hopes to fulfill.

The most controversial aspect of the club is its hunting aspect. The club hopes that they can bring safety instructors here to hold classes so that everyone can get certified together. Doran is putting in an effort to make sure that guns can be held off campus and that students can safely enjoy nature in that respect.

Many people are passionate about the outdoors. Living in a city limits the amount of exposure one can have. Advisor for the club Ted France hopes that this will allow students to enjoy doing what they love most.

“I hope that people recognize we all come from different backgrounds and cultures, and for some of our students and faculty, sporting activities are a large part of our families and communities,” said France. “I understand that this could be different for some folks and hope that the students can take this opportunity to bring speakers from agencies and organizations to campus that represent sustainable practices and sound stewardship of our outdoor resources.”

The club is new, but already has drawn in around 12 members who are ready to embark into nature. France also hopes that students will gain a new respect for the outdoors through the club.

“My hope for the students involved is simple – to be good leaders and bring new opportunities to others on campus,” said France. “Our natural resources are critical to our health and well-being. As a father, I hope our students will advocate for responsible management of these resources so future generations will be able to recreate and be active in the outdoors for many years.”

For those who are feeling adventurous, the club meets every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. by the fireside lounge.

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