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New Era in Student Media: Hits the Web

Justin Felisko


The way Springfield College students, faculty and staff receive their news has evolved more rapidly in the last 10 years than it ever has in The Springfield Student’s 102-year existence. Smartphones, iPads, social media and the Internet have all influenced the way we gather news and information about the world we live in.

Over the last few years, The Student has been posed with the tough question of how to keep the Springfield College community informed of the news surrounding them. Parents and alumni have always wanted a way to read The Student, listen to WSCB 89.9 and see videos about Springfield College.

After three years of researching other collegiate newspapers, including two years learning about other collegiate websites at the Associated Collegiate Press National Journalism Convention, The Student is proud to unveil the first-ever, student-run online publication at Springfield College:

In collaboration with WSCB 89.9 and SCTV3, is excited and prepared to provide the Springfield College community with accurate news from all areas of campus.

It has been long overdue for the Springfield College community to have a student-run web presence and The Student, WSCB 89.9 and SCTV3 are extremely proud, confident and excited for this opportunity.

Over the course of the summer, began to take shape and form as I researched a series of top-five, award-winning collegiate newspaper websites, according to ACP, and began to lay the framework with the help of the Sports Journalism/Communications department.

After analyzing other websites, such as the Whitman College Pioneer and the Central Connecticut State University Recorder, and researching the trends of modern-day journalism, it was decided to unify all forms of student media on campus to create a unique online presence.

Very rarely do you find a student-run online presence that encompasses all three forms of journalism: print, video and audio. will strive to use all three of these forms to help provide you with the best newsgathering experience possible.

As of now, you can visit to see articles from all five issues of The Student, featuring links and video elements from other sources across the Internet. We also have podcasts uploaded courtesy of WSCB 89.9, as well as some original video elements produced by The Student staff and SCTV 3.

In the future, hopes to provide readers with video interviews, postgame highlights, live chats, podcasts, slideshows and much, much more.

We will now be able to report stories faster than we have in the past due to our weekly print and publishing schedule, and we will also be able to showcase the great work that our staffs have been working on so diligently for the last couple of years. Our authors will now have an online archive to provide to potential employers for internships and jobs when these students graduate.

Along with having an online presence comes an increase in journalistic responsibility on our end, and does have a strict uploading policy in place with a chain of command to edit and re-edit stories before being published on the Internet.

However, it is clear that mistakes happen in journalism, and can now easily fix these errors in any stories that we publish in a matter of a couple of clicks. If you see an error, please let us know!

It was evident after seeing the success of The Student’s Facebook page after the June 1 tornado that there is not only an audience for an online web presence, but a need for one. We want to connect with current members of the Springfield College family on Alden Street, but we also want to connect with those who have graduated and want to remain close with the SC family.

This has been a personal goal for me since stepping onto the Springfield College campus three years ago. For years, I have been patient and diligent, working with a variety of professors, students and faculty from SC and other institutions in hopes of seeing this goal come to fruition.

At national conferences, The Student is commended for its great work by other colleges and universities, and the question that always came up was, “Why do you not display this work online?”

Well, we finally can.

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