New iPhone 7 isn’t quite as innovative as expected

By Matthew Harris

Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of You Tube

Last Friday, Sept 16, was the day Apple released the iPhone 7, Apple’s most innovative smartphone yet. It has two cameras and the longest battery life of any iPhone ever made. It’s water resistant and excludes a headphone jack, promoting the use of wireless bluetooth headphones.

Apple released the new specs and features for the iPhone 7 just prior to the release day. “The enclosure is splash and water resistant, The Home button is completely reengineered, and with a new unibody design that’s seamless to the touch, iPhone 7 feels as amazing as it looks,” Apple said on its webpage.

Prices for the 7 start at $649 for a 32 GB phone, and the price increases $100 every time you go up in memory space ($749 128 GB) ($849 256 GB). The 7Plus, a larger version of the phone, starts at $749 for a 32GB.

There are also five colors to choose from: rose gold, silver, gold, black, and jet black.

However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies—it’s faulty wiring and cheap plastic.

Apple leaked the all new iOS 10 software update three days before the release of the 7. The update is a sneak peek into what the 7 will look like–from the new format of the notification center, to the new home button, to new emoji’s, and even a new way to text. With all the new and cool gadgets iOS 10 possesses, there have been some problems with the new software update. When installed, iOS 10 will drain the consumer’s battery within a short period of time. Considering everything people use their phones for nowadays, battery life is one of the top priorities for consumers.

iOS 10 was made available for all iPhone consumers before the release of the 7. Apple did this knowing that the software would drain the battery life of iPhone 5s and 6s much quicker. With shorter battery life, consumers unable to upgrade to the 7 at a discounted price for quite some time would be more likely to purchase the 7 at full retail price rather than wait to pay at the discounted price later on. This is a greedy move by Apple that was developed for the sole purpose of being able to make more money.

Apple has also stepped outside its element, creating the Wireless headphones (Air-Pods) and no headphone jack. The wireless headphones are only available as an ad-on, costing an extra 150 dollars. Here we see another greedy move by Apple. Apple is losing money due to people upgrading at discounted prices, so to make up for it the company is essentially forcing consumers to buy the bluetooth headphones if they want to listen to music. Removing the headphone jack will allow apple to recoup more money back into the business.

The 150 dollar headphones may give consumers a number issues.

  1. Bluetooth capability: Will the headphones actually work for specific iPhones or will they interfere with other users. First generation items usually experience a number of the bugs/problems, and picking up other frequency signals could be a major problem.
  2. Lighting Adaptor: Each iPhone 7 does come with an adaptor that allows you to use normal headphones. However, the adaptor can only be used through the charging port, giving consumers access to just one function at a time. They can either charge their iPhone 7 or  use the adaptor to use headphones. You cannot charge and listen to music at the same time.

On a college campus, students always seem to want the new, big technology device. Some students are very excited for the new iPhone, however, others are disappointed about a lack of new features.

One student said in a business project, “I wish there was four-way FaceTiming or conference calling.”

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