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New Kids on the Block: Transfer students find a home at Springfield

By Nico Fiscella

For most students, the process to move back in this semester was nothing out of the ordinary. They returned to their home-away-from-home without the hassle of unpacking a car filled to the brim, decorating their living space and building new connections with those around them.

But for transfer students, who decided to call Springfield College their new home over winter break, the move-in jitters were in full effect as they could not wait to begin their journey as members of the Pride.

Emily Zambarano settled into Gulick Hall, and it did not take long for the Springfield community to welcome her with open arms.

“I knew on my tour that this is where I was going to come,” she said.

Zambarano made herself at home quickly, as her outgoing personality has already exposed her to friendships that will continue to grow as her time on campus increases. Traveling from South Hero, Vermont, Zambarano is a first-year business major who intends on excelling in both the classroom and on the athletic field with the women’s lacrosse team.

“Once I stepped on campus, I could feel that everyone was super welcoming here,” Zambarano said.

Zambarano was immediately assimilated into the atmosphere on campus. Surprised by how uplifting the student body has been, and how a door is always opened by those in front of her, the brief time spent at Springfield was the exact environment Zambarano wanted to be a part of. With big aspirations already established, she could not be more enraptured for what the future holds.

“When I’m a senior, I want to look back and be proud of the work I’ve done, and the person I’m becoming as I enter into the real world,” she said.

Tatianna Skarzynski also joined the Class of 2025 this semester, and the transition to Springfield has only made her more excited for the remainder of the year. Similar to Zambarano, the community on campus has already made Springfield feel like home.

Despite a busy schedule crowded with classes and track and field practices, Skarzynski is preparing for a career as a forensic scientist.

“Springfield does a good job of engaging with the students to enjoy their college experience,” Skarzynski said.

After being able to attend the interactive events held on campus, she was surprised with the many amusing activities Springfield has to offer weekly.

With two weeks already in the past, Brennan Hughes was not able to be on campus for the beginning of the semester, but has adjusted into Alumni Hall early this week. Hughes previously attended Sacred Heart University, where he and his twin Nathan roomed together during his first two years of college.

For the first time in his life, Hughes is no longer sharing a room with his brother, and the unusual privacy was something he was not accustomed to.

“It’s a different anxiety you have,” he said.

While Hughes is currently a business major, he envisions himself working in the world of sports. Whether it is on the field, or up in the broadcast booth, Hughes is looking forward to turning his hobby into a career.

Just like Zambarano and Skarzynski, Hughes will also be active on the turf. Hughes played center back for Sacred Heart, and he looks to continue to be a defensive anchor for the Pride. Hughes connected with first-year soccer player Timmy Arnold, and it did not take long for Hughes to switch his red jersey for a maroon.

While Hughes, Zambarano, and Skarzynski all traveled on different roads, they have now crossed paths and found their home on Alden Street.

Photo Courtesy Brennan Hughes

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