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New Kids On The Rock: Springfield College Rock Climbing Club is officially born

Josh Musial
Contributing Writer

This past weekend Springfield College’s newest student organization, the Rock Climbing Club, was officially born. To celebrate the new and improved status from open-rec group to an athletic club, our members volunteered their time on the morning of Sunday, March 10 to participate in a Green Up Day at a local park in Hampden, Mass. A green up, as the name might suggest, is all about cleaning and revitalizing a natural setting. And located just a short drive from campus, the park “Goat Rock” was in dire need.

After visiting Goat Rock in the past, some climbing club members were overcome by the existing mess and the potential that lived beneath. The area contains hiking trails and a sizable hill with exposed rock faces and wonderful views, and yet it had been treated as a dumping ground for trash of all sorts.

So in the spirit of Springfield College’s tradition of service to others, we decided to lend a hand. Organized by Climbing Club President Josh Musial, members Bryttnie Thomas, Courtney Findeisen, Jess Ballister, and Sam Santich went out and collected multiple bags of garbage, trimmed back thorn bushes, and cleared debris. It was a full day topped off by a session of bouldering on a few of the stone faces in the park, but the work is not yet complete.

There was simply too much to tackle in one day, so the club plans to continue greening up Goat Rock over future visits. Additionally, we hope to scout out more rock in the area to potentially develop as a nearby destination for our club to climb and boulder outdoors.

If you are interested in joining the Rock Climbing Club, please contact Club Secretary Jessica Kowal at about joining our email list and attending practice.

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