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Nick Ferry Flies with the High-Spirited Pride

Mark Loiselle

Staff Writer

With the sensation of a superman-esque dive into the crowd, a mentality of being triumphant and providing some leverage in the backline Nick Ferry has strived to be the engine that keeps the train poignant on the volleyball court ever since he was 8-years-old.

“What made me stay with volleyball for so long was the sport itself and the presence of the Ker and Frandson family,” Ferry pronouncedly stated. “They lived right around me and I grew up with them. All three of Walt Ker’s sons went on to play at UCLA and they definitely helped me out through my years.”

Within the motivational aspect, the Valencia, Calif. native has become a talented volleyball player due to his knowledge of the game and past experiences. Ferry has made a presence within the sport of volleyball in victorious fashion, obtaining a National Championship with Valencia High School in 2008 and a bronze medal with the Santa Monica Beach Club in that same year.

The son of Frank and Jodi Ferry has had a series of monumental moments in his young career. He has been selected as an All-American award in his first year at Springfield College. Those honors are added to a list of awards he recieved prior to SC. Ferry even earned similair awards and named to the same teams as some of the Ker brothers.

“It was awesome to be rewarded”, the second-year player added.”There were a lot of previous great players that came out of there. It was an honor to be up there with the names like Tony and Jamey Ker.”

Libero is the most imperative position on the floor in dealing with the game of volleyball due to the parity of securing the ball from colliding with the ground.

“When Nick is playing well, I think our team follows,” coach Charlie Sullivan confidently stated. “There is a statistic that the best teams in the world have the best liberos. It has become a very important craft in terms of playing at a high level.”

From his first year to second year, Ferry has made his presence known and that he can handle the job, as he has recorded a total of 241 digs.

“Nick has made a reputation with his teammates as a player that often times makes him overlooked,” middle blocker Greg Falcone said. “When a ball gets past our block and is going in his direction we just have come to expect he will keep the ball in play any way possible.”

Throughout a possession in volleyball it is important to acquire an accurate pass to your setter for the reason that a set and hit will follow. Without a pass the play becomes broken.

“There are not a lot of people that focus on the libero position, but I do. When Nick makes a dig probably someone in the team makes a kill,” said freshman Angel Perez. “In my mind making a dig is a lot more difficult than getting a kill. He is a great leader and his communication helps the team in serve receive circumstances. Libero is one of the most difficult roles in volleyball and Ferry does it very well.”

Springfield will host the Division III National Championship with the main priority is advancing to the title game.

By finishing the 2011-12 with a 30-5 record (A program best), the team is granted a first round bye after being granted the number one seed. They will take on the winner of Baruch vs. Elms on April 27th at 12:30 p.m inside Blake Arena.

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