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No Laundry Left Behind

Pat Kenney
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Meghan Zimbler/The Student
Meghan Zimbler/The Student

As I drift in and out of a much needed midday nap, I can’t help to think that I am forgetting something. Choosing to ignore this urge I allow my eyelids to shut, my body to relax and all my thoughts to disappear, ushering into the world of dreams.

Drifting through the clouds of unconsciousness, I am jolted awake by a single thought. What have I done? How could I forget? Questions that I have asked all too many times before.

Sprinting down the stairs of International Hall has never been done in such speed and urgency as I had that fateful afternoon. Reaching my destination, I collapse at what I see in front of me.

My soggy, wet clothes had been taken from their warm cocoon in the washer and thrown throughout the laundry room. Trying not to punch a hole through the wall, I gather my things and stuff them into the closest dryer.

As I stomp my way back up to the second floor, I can’t help but to blame myself for such an incident. If only I had set my timer on my phone or watched TV in the laundry room until my washer was done.

But then I get to thinking, why doesn’t the school offer laundry tracking abilities, where us students can keep an eye on our laundry so our clothes don’t end up like mine did.

In fact, as of January 22, Springfield College, in partnership with Laundry Tracker Connect, installed new washers and dryers in every residence hall. With Laundry Tracker Connect, students can easily do their laundry and keep track of its progress and when it is ready to be switched over.

The steps are as easy as the A,B,C’s. When it is that time of the semester for you to do laundry, just log onto From there, enter the code,, in order to gain access to our school’s laundry page.

Once you pick your hall of choice, there will be an overview of said laundry room with each washer or dryer being one of four colors – dark green, red, yellow and light green.

Once you have picked the machine you want to use, gives each user an option to receive an email when each machine is done. It’s as simple as that.

With this new system in place I vow to never let my laundry touch the floor again.

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