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Nutter: Thank you, Springfield Student, for all the memories

By Gage Nutter

As I write this, The Student newspaper staff is sprawled out across our small, dirty office in the basement of Abbey-Appleton Hall typing and chatting away.

Gage Nutter working hard in Springfield College’s Richard B. Flynn Campus Union.

I’m sitting on our couch watching the Liverpool-Barcelona Champions League game out of the corner of my eye on the television that hangs in the corner. The office is bustling with conversation because our amazing faculty advisor, Marty Dobrow, has graciously offered to buy us food from Bueno Y Sano.

“Is the hot sauce for the burritos really that hot?” asks our sports editor, Jack Margaros, as he thinks about his order.

The question sparks a debate amongst the rest of the editors on the true hotness of Bueno Y Sano hot sauce.

“What kind of chicken quesadilla do you want?” Jack yelps to our news editor, Danny Priest, across the room in the midst of this discussion.

“Regular,” he says, as he designs this week’s news pages in his cubicle.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. In this week’s newspaper, we have a fantastic pull-out section put together by Marty’s Senior Seminar class on Springfield College’s journey through ethnic diversity. As you’ll be able to tell by the thickness of this week’s issue, it is the biggest print product The Springfield Student has produced in the four years I have been a part of the club.

We take our work seriously. We spend several hours every Wednesday night in our office working on content and brainstorming ideas.

But for now, just for a few minutes, the debate around how Bueno Y Sano hot sauce really is has taken over the room.

This is the kind of moment I will miss the most when my college career ends later this month.


Coming into this year, I was prepared to endure the two most stressful semesters of my life. I was taking on a new role and entering the final year of my education. Finding out what was coming next after graduation and running the newspaper was poised to be a large source of my anxiety.

Of course, the stress that comes with graduation inching closer by the day was inevitable, but working with a staff that is self-motivated and strives to do good work has made my job infinitely easier.

Gage Nutter (left) pictured with longtime friend Springfield Student Managing Editor News/Features Vincent Gallo (right) covering the Springfield College men’s basketball team in Virginia

Things can get tense when you’re in the newspaper office for hours on end, but having a talented staff that is driven to not only do good work, but have fun has been amazing. I am proud to not only call my fellow editors colleagues, but great friends, too.

Outside being an editor, I started my journalistic journey as a beat reporter for the men’s basketball team my sophomore year. I wrote dozens of stories and witnessed historic moments for the program the last three years, including the team’s win over No. 1 Amherst and their journey to the national semifinals. I want to thank Charlie Brock for always being available after a game, win or lose, to talk and give me meaningful answers.

I also want to thank Brian Magoffin and Jon Santer in the Sports Information Department for always being just an email away for any questions or requests I had.

I want to thank Marty for always letting the student newspaper try new things and going the extra mile to help the club whenever we needed advice on how to cover a sensitive subject or if we needed his pair of seasoned journalistic eyes on a story. Without him as an advisor, our content would lack the polish on its deeply reported content that we take pride in.

I want to thank Vin Gallo, Gabby Guerard, Sam Leventhal, Jill Campbell, Danny Priest and Jack Margaros for always being down to work hard every Wednesday afternoon on our content, and to take a quick trip to the Union for some Subway when we get hungry. I am supremely grateful for your collective dedication to producing great work. You have made me look like a much better Editor-in-Chief than I actually I am.


It’s 6:30 p.m. and Marty has arrived. We are almost done producing the final newspaper of the year, but we all have decided to convene at one of our tables that we regularly use as a dining area for a quick break.

After sitting down, we begin to eat.

Jack is pleased with the spiciness of his burrito.

“It’s perfect.”

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