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Off-Campus Shooting Teaches Safety Lesson

Joe Brown



Shortly after midnight on Saturday morning, there was an altercation at an American International College off-campus party on Westford Avenue that escalated and left two AIC students wounded by gunshots. The incident did not involve any Springfield College students despite taking place in such close proximity, according to Springfield College Police Chief Judy Jackson.

The SC Police were involved in the incident during a routine patrol by an officer on King Street, when the officer was flagged down by one of the wounded victims. The officer pulled over and radioed in the incident, and another SC cruiser arrived and started performing first aid. The victim informed the police that he was an AIC student. The only involvement of Springfield College was that “we were the responding officers, we initiated the treatment and we notified Springfield [city police] and the ambulance,” Jackson said.

Still, the incident hits home for many students on campus because it serves as a reminder that safety must come first for off-campus parties.

“If you’re going to host a party, you need to determine how big that party [is], and who’s coming in the door. Who are you allowing into your home?” Jackson asked.

However sobering the thought may be, it is important to consider. Off-campus parties are designed to be fun for students, but that experience can turn bad quickly if safety is not carefully observed.

“If you’re going host a party, just remember, you need to take [safety] steps,” Jackson said.

Being proactive about safety can help to ensure that off-campus incidents do not affect SC students, and that parties remain a positive experience for all involved.

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