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Old Fashion Trends Making Their Way to the Modern World

Now, more than ever before, it seems that old fashion trends are making their way back into our modern closets.

Taylor Hassa
Layout Editor

fashionNow, more than ever before, it seems that old fashion trends are making their way back into our modern closets.

Some of the styles that are making a comeback are being welcomed back with open arms. For example, no one is complaining about the plaid flannel trend. Why? Because they are warm and make you look like a cute country girl or boy for the day.

Another trend working its way back into our modern culture, especially among teens, is white eyeliner. Only a few people can wear this kind of eyeliner and pull it off, but it gives a very edgy look to your makeup.

Girls are also using colored mascara more frequently now. Pair that with the white eyeliner and boy are we going to have some scary looking faces. 

The perm is also coming back, except not in the bobbed short way. This new-age perm gives girls a perfect wave in their hair. Blake Lively has mastered this reinvented perm and it is something girls with long hair should definitely look into.

The next trend that has all of a sudden become popular again is the trucker hat. It seems everywhere you go people are rocking hats now, and it is awesome. People wear them to class and even to the gym, and trucker hats have never looked so good.

People are probably resorting to hats because hair mousse is back in style, and the more recent generations have no idea what they are doing.

Mousse is something our mothers and grandmothers used to use to give their 80’s hair some extra volume. Now we are using it to define our curls or just because it is another product for us to buy and use.

The cropped top is also finding its way back to the shelves in the most popular stores. College girls have crop tops by the dozens and aren’t afraid to wear them even in the depths of winter.

Consumers are also re-falling in love with the big logos. Sweatshirts, t-shirts and bags with large logos on them are coming back into style and fast. It seems strange that people would want to walk around like a poster child for their favorite brands but hey whatever makes them happy.

Lastly, the high-top sneaker is becoming all the rage again. This style didn’t ever fully die out, but now it seems everyone wants to get their hands on a really cool pair of high-tops.

You can’t blame them; high-top sneakers are the thing to wear these days, especially because they go so well with our favorite skinny 

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