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Open Mic Night is Guaranteed to be a Treat

Alison Izzi
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

If you are a writer, or even someone who likes to dabble in the art of word play for fun, you know that it can be tedious. You can’t find the right adjective or start an idea. It can be lonely, sitting by your laptop or pen and paper with just your own thoughts for company. But deep down you want to share your words. You want them to be heard and understood. You want to speak those words and fill them with all of the emotion you had when you formed them into a masterpiece. For all the vocabulary artists out there, you have your chance.

Tuesday, December 8th in The Bistro at 7 p.m. Psychology Professor Derek Paar is sponsoring a spoken word open mic night. Anybody who wants to read their poetry, short stories, or even essays will be given five minutes to share their words aloud to an audience of fellow writers.

“It’s like Seinfeld, there is no purpose, just the doing of it. It is a chance for people who write to find each other and learn from each other,” says Paar. He is hoping that by the end of the night, those who attend will feel that they belong to something greater than just themselves. Writing is a community but it can be difficult to find neighbors if your search doesn’t stray beyond peeping over your laptop screen. Tuesday night is the night to shake hands, and swap intellect of those neighbors.

Paar also anticipates that the participants will become better writers. Preparing for the event may require a bit of reading with a fine tooth comb, but Paar rightfully insists “you become a much better editor, and writing is editing.” So there you have it, a well-rounded improvement for all your future word-construction endeavors.

It’s common knowledge that placing your words in the ears of the public is intimidating. But Paar guarantees that being in a room of other kind, generous writers will provide the courage and adrenaline to share your own words, or at least be inspired by the words of fellow community residents.

Paar encourages, “Show up and give it a shot. If you’re not ready to give it a shot show up anyways. See what people are doing!”

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