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Oscars 2016: Awkward, racial and a long time coming

Kristen Linnartz
Staff Writer

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Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair.

The 88th Academy Awards was an event that for weeks had been controversial due to the lack of people of color nominated for awards. Well, the host of Sunday night’s event, Chris Rock, kicked it off by going at this controversy with hard humor.

The monologue was humorous, until it got awkward when he went on to say “It’s hard to get a job, but let me tell you some good news. The Academy has taken steps to fix this problem. That’s why it’s my honor to introduce the new director of our minority outreach program. Please welcome miss Stacey Dash.”

If you have no idea who Stacey Dash is, or why this joke crashed and burned and made the audience cringe, it is because Dash made controversial comments saying that we should get rid of Bet awards and Black History month. Also if you’ve ever seen the 1995 film, Clueless, she plays the character Dionne, Cher’s BFF.

Then after all the awkward humor took place, it got right into it with Sarah Silverman introducing Sam Smith who sang his song “The Writing’s On The Wall” which appeared in the most recent James Bond movie Spectre, and saying how James Bond is neither a grower or a shower. She started off pretty strong and then things went south quick with this comment. Don’t worry though, Smith’s performance was flawless and almost made us forget how awkward this show had been so far.

Then getting right into awards, The Best Picture award went to “Spotlight,” the film about the Boston Globe investigating priests’ molesting boys in Boston. Other nominees were Bridge of Spies, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant, The Martian, The Big Short, Room, and Brooklyn.

The supporting actress Oscar went to Alicia Vikander, in The Danish Girl. Vikander resembled a very familiar Disney princess in an elegant yellow dress who happened to fall in love with a beast. The supporting actor Oscar went to Mark Rylance in Bridge of Spies, which was an upset win over Sylvester Stallone for his role in Creed.

The best actress in a leading role went to Brie Larson for the movie Room which had another character in the film stealing the show. Jacob Tremblay, the nine year old boy who also was in Room was presenting an Oscar and was too short for the microphone so Chris Rock came to the rescue with a big wooden box. Tremblay was photographed with Leonardo Dicaprio at the SAG awards, which was a photo that went viral a couple weeks ago.

Finally, The best actor in a leading male role went to Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. After being turned down six times, and having the whole world know it, DiCaprio finally has an Oscar. He made a very long speech thanking several directors from the past and present along with his friends and family. He also spoke about climate change and finding leaders and closed out his speech by saying, “Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.”

I’d say it was a successful Oscar’s and it was a night that was a long time coming. A very long time, especially for DiCaprio. Although the race comments were overboard, and there were some pretty awkward moments, Rock did a good job with hosting the event, and for the most part everything ran smoothly. The 88th Academy Awards will always be remembered as the “Race Oscars” and for DiCaprio, winning an award that was 25 years in the making.

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