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Page Two: Boston Globe uses a questionable approach

Alex Thomas
Staff Writer

When you think of media in the city of Boston, a few things come to mind. First, is the rabid and almost ruthless sports media, and then are the major television stations and newspapers in the market. While there are quite a few papers available to those in Boston, I grew up on two, the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. On Sunday, I said goodbye to the Globe for the final time.

The lack of professionalism from the Globe’s “news” department has been apparent for a number of years. The first real thing that stood out to me was back during the trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The editorial board for the Globe took the time to come out and advocate for the sparing of the coward who murdered three people and was responsible for another two deaths.

The piece was decently thought out and did in fact bring up some points as I will not argue that. However, many people were offended by this piece, myself included. Reading it again as a I wrote this piece, it felt like the staff was talking down to those who were in favor of the death penalty for this terrorist. I don’t believe the death penalty should just be thrown around, but I was in favor of that decision.

While it certainly wasn’t worth boycotting the paper over, it was a stance and a piece that rubbed me the wrong way and made me second guess the publication.

On Sunday, it became too much for me. After a life of picking up both the Globe and the Herald , I said goodbye to the Globe. I’m done, no more for me.

Why? On Sunday, the newspaper decided to print a mock front page with fake stories that essentially took a peak into America one year from now, with the controversial Donald Trump as President of the country. Shockingly, the stories weren’t all sunshine and rainbows, in fact it made America look like something you would see in a movie, and it wasn’t pretty.

Now before I go any further, I want to make a point. I’ve said it all year long, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s that. With all of that being said, this went beyond opinion, this was a blatant smear attempt of a Presidential candidate by a major publication in the United States. I’m young, only 21, but I can say for sure that I have NEVER seen something like that before in my life. I challenge everyone to find something like this from a major publication. If you do, email it to me (athomas2@springfieldcollege.edu) because I want to see it.

This is coming from a newspaper that, remember, has rarely said a SINGLE negative thing about Barrack Obama’s run as President of the United States. I’m not going to sit here and bash the President, but his run hasn’t exactly been perfect. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that this country has taken a step back in a lot of key areas since Obama took over. I don’t see ANY of those stories on the front page of the Boston Globe every morning, I just see the positive stuff about the President.

Why is that, you ask? Well, that would be because the media is biased, plain and simple. I’m okay with that for the most part because you can get just about any single slat you want from CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, you name it. While they bash the other side, no network has gone to the lengths that the Globe did on Sunday.

In a sense, I get it, you are trying to get a point across about your opinion. This is just way too far, however. What the Boston Globe did on Sunday was not news, it was a blatant smear campaign against someone that they clearly do not like. Mock stories that, in all likelihood, will never happen. When did journalism become like that?

It’s a shame, really. Here at Springfield College, journalism students are taught to seek the truth and report it. At the Boston Globe, apparently it’s make up the truth and report it. That’s enough for me to say no more, I’m done. Don’t expect my business ever again Boston Globe.

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  1. And you think that the news reported by the Globe about the Boston Marathon Bombing was not fake. Get real! Did you take a close look at the Government evidences? Nothing, nothing at all proves that the Tsarnaev brothers are responsible. The killer or killers are still out there.

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