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Patrick Stumps Solo Stint

Kevin Moss

Assistant A&E Editor

The lead singer of Fall Out Boy has decided since Fall Out Boy is on hiatus he’d test his luck in the solo game. From what I’ve heard of Soul Punk it’s very different. Not a bad different, but it’s a lot of synthesized instrumentals.

It’s still the same original Patrick Stump sound in the vocals, which is always good to hear. The writing for the music is very well done. There are songs with very good and catchy choruses that’ll have you shouting them from the top of your lungs to songs that are more like ballads that aren’t as fast paced.

The hit track off the album right now is “This City” which has a version that has hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco featured on it. I feel as though this album was meant to be way different than Fall Out Boy and it was his chance to get away from the bands a-typical sound. Stump coined the genre of this album as Soul Punk, which also happens to be the title of the album.

In Stumps debut, it’s good to see him get more credit that’s well deserved after being over shadowed by the dominant personality of Pete Wentz, who was more or less the face of Fall Out Boy. Album sales aren’t skyrocketing for Stump, but if you really appreciate music, you’ll appreciate what Stump is trying to do with his career and this album.

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