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Springfield College men’s basketball injury report

Gage Nutter


Kendall Baldwin

Baldwin will medically redshirt this season to obtain an extra year of eligibility. He has been nursing a Grade 2 hamstring sprain since the preseason.

Baldwin injured his hamstring while playing a game of pickup basketball with his teammates before the season started.

“At the time I didn’t think it was serious at all,” said Baldwin. “I went to go see the athletic trainers and they said it was a Grade 2 hamstring strain. It just hasn’t really healed. In the beginning of the season I probably reinjured it four times, just little tweaks. I tried to come back too early and just kept tweaking it.”

Baldwin was a standout at Commonwealth Academy in Springfield, Mass. before coming to Alden Street this year.

The freshman went on to say that he has never missed an entire season because of an injury before. Due to his inability to fully participate in practice, he has been spending time observing drills and shooting stationary shots to stay active and close with the team.

The decision to medically redshirt was collectively reached by Baldwin with consultation from the coaching and medical staff. Redshirting opens up the possibility for Baldwin to play while in graduate school at Springfield College. Baldwin has not declared a major, but he is interested in pursuing a degree in business.

Jake Jacobson

JJ before block.jpg

Jacobson has been sporting a black walking boot around campus the last few weeks due to a stress fracture in his second metatarsal.

Unlike other long term injuries, there wasn’t one singular moment where Jacobson knew something was wrong. During a practice over winter break he started to feel some discomfort in his foot. Jacobson said he didn’t think much of it at the time, “It’s just pain,” said Jacobson.

When he competed in the team’s first game against Southwestern (Tex.) it became more agitated throughout the day. The next day when the team competed against Trinity (Tex.) it became too much to handle, “It was killing me.”

He hoped that he could use the week that the team had off for the holidays to rest and come back for the teams next game. That unfortunately did not happen.

Jacobson has not played in a game since the Pride’s matchup with Wheaton (Mass.) on Jan. 6.

During this time, he has been going through rehabilitation. He has been doing rounds of hot and cold tub baths and ankle workouts keep his foot stable while he wears a walking boot.

Jacobson made the team this season as a walkon after missing the cut last year. It has taken a lot of work and extra hours in the gym for him to secure a spot on the roster for this season. He’s upset that he has to be sidelined with injury, but he tries not to let it get to him.

“It’s frustrating. Especially just being out as long as I have been. It’s very frustrating,” said Jacobson. “But there’s nothing I can really do about it. Mentally I just try and stay with it. I ride the bike and angle all my efforts into that. So, when I can come back i’ll be as good as I can be.”

Jacobson said that his injury could have been caused my a combination of multiple factors. Ranging from the toll his body has taken going from not playing last year to playing a lot this year, and wearing up to four different pairs of shoes; that he admits, haven’t been broken in too well.

If all things go well the injury is not expected to sideline Jacobson for the remainder of the year. Recently he was cleared to take stationary shots and could return in a week or two.

“From that time during Texas I couldn’t move or step on my foot. Now i’m feeling a lot better. Now it’s all about doing basketball movements comfortably.”  

Deonte Sandifer


After a practice a few weeks ago, Sandifer started feeling a sharp pain in his achilles. He thought the pain would subside with time and ice, but that didn’t happen.

Sandifer had been suffering from a strained achilles tendon. The injury is believed to have come about because Sandifer sprained his ankle earlier in the season and may have been favoring different muscles to compensate for the injury.

Due to the injury, Sandifer hasn’t played since Jan. 6 in the Pride’s game against Wheaton.

This is Sandifer’s first time missing an extended amount of playing time because of injury. He broke his hand prior to his senior season of high school, but it healed in time for the season.

Sandifer has been employing a combination of icing, stretching, and rest throughout the rehabilitation process.  

Like Jacobson, Sandifer tried out for the team this season and worked hard enough to make the team. He is trying to keep a positive attitude throughout his recovery.

“I just try and stay positive during practice and stay engaged. I try to make sure that I am watching and notice if we start to run new plays. I always try to keep a positive attitude and tell myself that I’ll be back soon.”

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