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Practicing Proper Gym Etiquette

Andrew Gutman
Staff Writer

I thought an interesting topic for this week would be to discuss how you should not act in the gym. Every place has rules of etiquette, and whether we know it or not, we might be breaching those rules. So here are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when working out at the gym.

  1. You scream. I understand that lifting really heavy weights is hard, but is it necessary to let the whole gym know that you’re in pain? Not in my opinion. An occasional grunt here and there never hurt anyone, but let’s save our outside voices for outside.
  2. You talk to everyone. Being social in the gym is a good thing; there are people there with your same common interest, but the gym is a place to work hard, not to socialize. Keep the talking to a minimum, and let people get their work done.
  3.  You hang out. Like I previously stated, the gym is a place to work out, so lounging around can get a little annoying for those around you, especially if you are using a desired piece of equipment. The gym here is always packed, so be courteous of the fact that people have places to be and people to see. Waiting three minutes between sets might not be the best idea.
  4. You misuse mirrors. The mirrors at the gym are there so you can check your form, not so you can check out yourself. Save that for home.
  5. You don’t wipe off equipment. This is probably the biggest offense I observe. Let’s face it: we all sweat. When you’re done with your sets wipe off the bench. No one wants to lie down on a soggy bench with your sweat on it. That’s just gross.

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