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Pre Camp Leaders team up with Kensington School for Humanics in Action Day

Taylor Hassa

Staff Writer 

Humanics is not a word that you can look up in a dictionary.

“It’s a philosophy,” says 2011 Pre-Camp leader Collin Carville.

He is 100 percent correct; it isn’t something that can be described on paper. It is something that is felt and understood within.


Tuesday morning as the Pre-Camp group reunited on the track, there was a sort of excitement in the air. Each of us were excited to meet the fifth-grade students of Kensington Elementary School and make them a part of our family.

As we boarded the buses, we were already smiling without even knowing what was in store for the rest of our morning. After a 10-minute bus ride and a few laughs, we arrived at our destination, Forest Park.

When we emerged from the buses, we were given name tags. The big name in the center was ours and the small one underneath was the name of the student we were partnered with.

Once we found our buddies, the morning really began. We circled up and did what we do best: cheer. It was amazing to see all the kids jump right in and sing along. They were loud and funny and most didn’t appear to be nervous at all, and the ones that were quickly came around.

Looking around that circle, there was nothing but smiles and laughter being shared. This is what we came here for, the reason why we love to do this.

When the cheering died down, we were given a science scavenger hunt. The packet was large, and our students had to pick either the pond or the forest. Many of the kids picked the pond.

On the way, we had to keep count of the different plants and animals we saw. The kids totally opened up, and before long, we were laughing and having a great time before we even reached the pond.

All the while, they were learning about the habitat and its different organisms. The hour flew by and just like that, it was time to say goodbye. Hugs were given, and each kid walked away smiling like they had the best day ever.

That is what Humanics means to me. It’s that feeling you get when you know you’ve given something back. That feeling cannot be defined; it is internal and something we will carry with us forever.

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